SHEET MASK | Wonjin Effect 3 Step Amino Up Sheet Mask

 Wonjin Effect 3 Step Amino Up Sheet Mask
Purchased by me

Here we are, back in the Vault of unblogged sheet masks because my skin has once again been misbehaving. Now, it's more like a stress reaction to having been sick the last week and possibly the extremely dry weather. The area around my mouth and chin feel especially itchy and today I covered the bottom of my face in pure Vaseline to stop the itching! I really hope all of this clears up soon because I am tired of seeing my skin so angry. It was a bit reactive in Paris as well, but I figured with the long days and just being in a foreign city that my body was just fighting for a new level of homeostasis!

Wonjin Effect 3 Step Amino Up Sheet Mask

I really miss the era of multi-step masks especially the ones from Wonjin Effect because I truly thought they would be around forever because they were so good! Though the brand is still around, most of the iconic multi-step masks I have come to know and love are gone unfortunately, including this one. Part of what makes this mask special is the fact that there is a toner and eye cream in addition to the actual sheet mask. This mask is also filled with a more amino acids than I would have ever thought possible in an ingredients list with such favourites as: aspartic acid, leucine, alanine, lysine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, valine and methionine combined with more well-known skincare favourites like hydrolyzed collagen! 

Wonjin Effect 3 Step Amino Up Sheet Mask

The toner was actually quite hydrating and more like an ampoule or essence.

Wonjin Effect 3 Step Amino Up Sheet Mask

The eye cream had a gel consistency and was very hydrating. It had that typical dimethicone kind of texture that left the skin feeling smooth.

Wonjin Effect 3 Step Amino Up Sheet Mask

In classic Wonjin Effect goodness, the mask fit was of course brilliantly seamless and felt like I was wearing nothing while having the mask soak up all of the essence to deliver an ultra moisturizing experience!

Wonjin Effect 3 Step Amino Up Sheet Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: $19.99 CDN/Box of 10

What it does: Lifting and brightening

Scent: Cotton

Essence Type: Clear, lightly viscous

Duration: 30 minutes

Thickness: Thin

Mask Fit: Perfect and material felt soft like a cloud

Tackiness: Light

Hydration: Really good!

Other notes: N/A

Wonjin Effect 3 Step Amino Up Sheet Mask

Final verdict: I received this one in my FaceTory subscription box and I WISH I had picked up a box years ago when this was being sold because now it looks like these multi-step masks are a thing of the past!

Does anyone else feel like sheet masks were cooler 5 years ago?

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