SHEET MASK | Karatica DNA Couple Mask

 Karatica DNA Couple Mask

Purchased by me

As we just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and I am still waiting for my irritated skin to calm down, it was time to finally share this review of the Karatica DNA Couple Mask! I received this 2-in-1 mask with my FaceTory subscription and one night got my husband to join in on the fun!

Karatica DNA Couple Mask

What makes this mask special? The fact that there are two of course! On the left is a sheet mask made of the herb Sarcandra glaba, native to Southeast Asia, that is for oily skin and then a 100% rose fiber mask on the right for dry skin. The oily skin mask is I think intended to be for "him" and the more "feminine-sounding" dry skin mask for "her", but just choose what works for you because I know my husband has dry skin like me.

Karatica DNA Couple Mask

The second thing that makes this mask special are the very unique ingredients like star anise, rose and pearl extract and my favourite...salmon DNA! I did a bit of research into this ingredient and it is thought to rejuvenate skin and is basically hyaluronic acid and polynucleotides taken from salmon sperm. Yes, you read that correctly! So, this mask is definitely not vegan and I don't know if I would necessarily seek out a mask like this seeing as how hyaluronic acid can obtained in less "creative" ways.

Karatica DNA Couple Mask

Karatica DNA Couple Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: I want to say it was around $5-$6 USD?

What it does: Rejuvenates, hydrates, oil control (the mask for oily skin)

Scent: Floral

Essence Type: Clear and viscous

Duration: 25 minutes

Thickness: Thin to medium

Mask Fit: A little wrinkly on me around the chin, but pretty good everywhere else. Obviously, because my husband has a beard, the mask fit was not great on him, but did fit him well on top!

Tackiness: Light

Hydration: Really good! It was incredibly moisturizing for both of us despite having different masks!

Other notes: N/A

Karatica DNA Couple Mask

Final verdict: I enjoyed the concept of this mask quite a bit in terms of packaging and having it be two masks in one. The results were also quite nice in terms of really hydrating my skin, but I do feel like the biggest selling feature with this mask is the "couple aspect"! 

I don't think this mask is available anymore, but it was fun to use and include my better half in on the fun! 

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