SHEET MASK | Origins Flower Fusion Masks in Rose and Lavender

Origins Flower Fusion Masks in Rose and Lavender
Purchased by me

I feel like 2018 truly was the heyday of sheet masks and their embracement in the North American beauty and the Sephora website was one of my best friends that year. I tried A LOT of sheet masks that year and had this crazy idea that I could literally blog about each one that year, but I could not keep up! I haven't had the chance to sheet mask in a long time because my chin area is still freaking out and I am trying to figure out what it is that is going on. On a positive note, it has given me the chance to review all of those amazing sheet masks I tried AND kept notes on all those years ago in my Keep App!
While these masks are now discontinued, the Origins Flower Fusion Masks were all the rage years ago and had some of the prettiest packaging especially among the Western brands. I am pretty sure I bought them all and had a bit of a love/hate relationship with them (I reviewed Raspberry here) and it did not change with the Rose and Lavender masks!

Rose Flower Fusion Mask

What makes this mask special? There are a lot of flower oils in the essence, in addition to rose, like geranium, lavender and ylang ylang to name a few! The sheet mask material is made from 100% bamboo which sounds like it should have been nice on the skin, but was actually quite thick and made it hard to lie flat on the skin.

Mask Summary:

Price: $9 CDN

What it does: Hydration

Scent: Smells like detergent not roses

Essence Type: Clear, lightly viscous

Duration: 30 minutes

Thickness: Mask was stiff because of the thickness

Mask Fit: Ill fitting around forehead and moustache

Tackiness: Zero

Hydration: Skin felt very soft 

Other notes: Not enough essence for fabric this thick 

Lavender Flower Fusion Mask

This mask is fortified with lavender wax and is intended to almost be in a soothing aromatherapy treatment. I love the scent of lavender, but found that the scent was more or less the same as the rose mask. If I didn't know the name of the mask, I would not have known that there was even lavender in it.

The fit was the same as the previous mask with lots of folds everywhere and the chin area being the most ill-fitting generally.

Final verdict: As awful of a fit as these masks were, my skin felt so soft and hydrated upon removal so obviously the essence was a good one! I had hoped that Origins would go back and revamp their mask fit before pulling out of the sheet mask market entirely, but I am glad I got to try "a piece of history"!

Sorry, but these masks have been discontinued, but let me know if you have tried them before!

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