HAIR | L'Oreal Colorista Spray in Silver 01

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It is amazing what you discover when you go through old photos! This is a post that I started three years ago and just never got around to finishing! When the L'Oreal Colorista Sprays first launched, it was the era of unicorn hair and as a way to spare my fragile colour-treated hair, this was a fun way to get the lavender balayage I always wanted or in today's case, be SILVER! 

Having dark hair limited many of those fun pastel colours I wanted my hair to be, but silver-grey was still doable so I thought this can of magic would be a great way to experiment! 

This was my hair before. One thing I learned after trying the Colorista spray in Purple (here) is to have your hair styled prior to spraying as the spray makes it near impossible to comb through the hair.

Hold the can about 15-20 cm away in a well-ventiliated area and make sure you are either wearing clothing you do not care about or have yourself covered in a garbage bag/smock. I was too scared to spray my roots as I did not want to get the product on my scalp, but I feel like this spray is meant more for a balayage, ends of the hair look versus a complete change. 

Luckily, this is also fairly easy to rinse out and for me, it takes two rounds of shampoo to fully rinse out and though I was concerned that my super porous and damaged hair would fully absorb the colour and never be the same, it was all good and my hair was back to normal after my shower.

Final verdict: As you can see, the silver shade makes me look more like a very white blonde which is something I have never been able to really achieve naturally so yay for that! I feel like now I am out of my experimental hair phase and just want to look pretty so I'm not sure if I would ever reach for a purple or a blue again, but the only shade that I would potentially look at trying is the Rose Gold Spray. I mean, who doesn't love rose gold? I've been getting more and more into rose gold jewelry so I would be curious how my current "mushroom brown" hair would look with it sprayed on.

Have you tried some of the other colours of Colorista Spray? There are certainly some fun ones! You can find the Colorista Sprays at your local drugstore.

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