NAILS | OPI The Future Is You Swatch #MidWeekMani

OPI The Future Is You Swatch
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It is Day 2 of a very snowy Vancouver with all of us waking up to 20cm of snow plus more falling! What I love about snow days is how quiet it is. No one is going anywhere and sound gets muffled. It also looks extra romantic at night because it still looks light outside because the white of the snow gets reflected. I may also be looking at this with rose-tinted glasses because I was off yesterday and today so no having to struggle with getting into work for me!
I am actually headed to my first beauty event of the year for Pixi Beauty this afternoon! I had to miss the last one because of work so I am looking forward to slowly making my way over via transit because my car is still completely buried in the snow! It's the Spring preview so it's kind of crazy to think that we are still in mid-January with snow everywhere and we are thinking of Spring already! It'll be a good time though and I look forward to seeing the product!

OPI The Future Is You Swatch

In keeping with our Peach Fuzz theme for nails this month, I figured my swatch of OPI's "The Future is You" from the Power of Hue collection was perfect and has actually been a good shade for nail art the last year. While not the most flattering on my skintone on its own, this creamsicle coloured orange does have its uses in my collection and actually has a touch of shimmer that you can see a little bit of in the bottle which is what makes this shade unique.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week (it's almost the weekend!) and staying cozy!

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