April 2012 Topbox


So, I am exhausted from seeing Cats because I went directly after work via bus which turned out to be not a great idea because the Vancouver Canucks were playing and the buses were either non-existent or full. The show was great, I got chills hearing “Memory” live! Some parts didn’t really make sense to me and at one point I whispered to my fiance if I was high at all because there were scenes with lights and colour that didn’t seem to relate to the story at all! The only thing I felt badly about was that no one was home all day so because we saw Cats, we forgot to feed our own cats! They were sooo hungry when we got home at almost midnight!

Anyway, here is my April Topbox! Some Topboxers received a Principessa Dry Shampoo so I was wondering if I would receive it since I had already gotten one in a previous Topbox, but Topbox kept track and I received something else instead! This month’s box is also in honour of Earth Day so you can see that this month’s box has a design directly printed on the box instead of the usual label. I cannot stress how much I love this idea!!! I’m a recycle freak so this packaging is a huge plus! I will definitely opt for this box instead!


Here are the products I received this month:
Bella Pella Tropical Flowers Body Lotion
Excitement Level: I was quite pleased to receive a Bella Pella product this time since I did not receive the bar of Bella Pella soap from the December Topbox. Being based only in Montreal, Bella Pella decided to only include the soap in Topboxes in the Montreal/Toronto areas so I am VERY happy to be part of the action now! The lotion is smells delightfully light and fresh and is paraben-free.
Full Size: 175mL/$15.95
I Received: 30mL/$2.73

Misa Nail Lacquer in Pretty in Pink
Excitement Level: Oooooooh! This was the personalized product for me. As you can see from my little nail polish counter on my side bar, I love me some nail polish! I’ve never tried this brand before and what’s nice is there is also a little 20% off coupon on the side of the bottle on your next Misa purchase! Misa’s formula also has “nano-silver particles” that are meant to reduce chipping and keep the shine. I’m not a lacquerologist so I don’t really know how this is actually supposed to work. This colour isn’t one that I would normally buy mostly because I have nail polishes that are quite similar to it and let’s face it, for me glitter iz da bomb.
Full Size: 15mL/$8.99
I Received: *FULL SIZE*

Lisa Watier Hydrasmart
Excitement Level: This wasn’t at the top of my list, but I’m glad I got a sample of this to try because I’ve been curious about how hydrating this product is for something that might possibly be an alternative to foundation. It almost sounds like a BB Cream, but not quite…the sample is a little small, but I hope I can get at least a few uses out of it.
Full Size: 40mL/$35
I Received: 2mL/$1.75

Benefit the POREfessional
Excitement Level: I have been dying to try this product out so all I can is YAY!
Full Size: 22mL/$34
I Received: 7.5mL/$11.59

Cargo blu_ray Pressed Powder
Excitement Level: I’m not a pressed powder user so this was sort of meh for me. This powder is meant to reduce redness and hide fine lines, so maybe if I’m blotchy one morning I’ll give it a go.
Full Size: 8g/$32
I Received: Unknown. I’m guessing under 1g.

Total Value of Topbox: $25.06

As usual, I’m happy with my Topbox, there hasn’t been one that has disappointed me yet! There was a bit of everything, something for the body, the nails, the face. All in all, a well-rounded Topbox!


  1. I love topbox! great review- I get my first one in May FINALLY!!

  2. Do you live in Vancouver too? Everyone I follow seems to be British, American, or Eastern Canada...

    1. I know, a lot of the Canadian bloggers I follow are mostly in Ontario, but there are some great ones out West! Maddy Loves is good too! She's a Vancouverite as well!

  3. Wow I never realized that you lived in Vancouver too! So many awesome bloggers live in my backyard and I never even knew it! :D

    1. Aww! I'm honoured that you consider me to be an "awesome blogger"! And you're right, there are some great bloggers out here!

  4. Nice products! That's so cool that they honored Earth day like that :D

    1. I know! Our generation is so much more aware of being green and it's great when beauty companies are too.

  5. I get my first Topbox in June - the wait is killing me! Glad you liked Cats - that song memory is probably the only one I remember from the show. P.S. Love Vancouver - was there for a conference in 2009 (I think) and the west coast is gorgeous! There is another conference in Victoria next year I'm hoping to attend!

    1. I only remember "Memory" and the opening song about a jelicle cat...Glad you love VanCity too! Hopefully you'll get to come out again!

  6. Ohh jealous! what a good box.. I wish I could get a Topbox... I hate how limited they are!

    1. I know, some people have been waiting for so long...I count myself as very fortunate that I read about Topbox early on and got the subscription when I did.