Crazy Cat Corner–Kitty Sandwich

Happy First of April!

I thought about doing something related to April Fool’s Day, but I figured that the Internet will have enough going on to keep everyone entertained. Have you guys tried out RPG Google Maps yet? Or seen reddit Timeline? I think my favourite so far is Google’s multitasking function where multiple mice can be used! It’s hilarious. Anyway, this isn’t my cat actually, it’s my bf’s mom’s cat, Leo. When we were visiting, I had stacked the pillows on the bed and then I saw Leo crawl right in between them! Like a kitty sandwich! He slept the whole day like that!



  1. LOL will not do; I have to express my laughter this way: AHA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!

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    1. They really do have their own personalities!

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    1. When I saw him crawling in, I couldn't believe he found it comfortable!