April 2012 Glymm Box


So, this looks like the last beauty box that I will be receiving this month as Glossybox and Luxe Box are slated to arrive at the beginning of March for me, but oh well, as long as I get a box I’m happy! Being out west, I always feel like my posts are always the last guests to arrive at a party, but these are one of my favourite posts to do! It’s like sharing with everyone what I’ve gotten for Christmas!

So, this month’s Glymm box has been met with less than stellar reactions and I suppose you can lump me into that category as well, but that’s alright, I still love Glymm just maybe not as much this month.


Here are the products I received this month:

Free Your Mane Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner


Excitement Level: Ummm, I feel like I’ve been flooded with shampoo and conditioner samples lately. I don’t think I’ve even been using my regular shampoo this month, I’ve just been working on samples! I do like the colours on the packages though. The blue makes me happy.

Full Size: 300mL/$16.00

I Received: 14.8ml/$0.79 (shampoo and conditioner)

Lucia Soap No.1


Excitement Level: I always have a bar of soap in the shower just in case I’m too lazy to use a bath puff, so this was a nice sample for me. It smells very creamy and rich and reminds me of staying in a swanky hotel. I think I will enjoy this product.

Full Size: 8 soaps/$17.50

I Received: 1 soap/$2.19

Atelier Cologne in the Fragrance Orange Sanguine



Excitement Level: This smells so good! I love the smell of oranges so this perfume is definitely something I would wear. I know the sample was nothing too special, but I’ll give a thumbs up to the way it was packaged. It came with a postcard sealed in parchment paper which was cute. I also received two samples, did anyone else?

Full Size: Let’s go with 200mL/$165.00

I Received: Doesn’t say, so 2 x 2mL/$3.30

Mai Couture Social Gloss in G’Vinity



Excitement Level: What sort of name for a lipgloss is that? I keep wanting to say “virginity”. I use lip glosses all the time, so I will welcome this one into the ever-growing family, but it’s not exactly a colour I would wear. It’s very champagne in colour and gives my lips a frosty finish which I don’t really like.

Full Size: 5mL/$28.00

I Received: *FULL SIZE*

*Bonus* NuMe $100 Gift Certificate


I don’t think I will be using this gift certificate because I already own a good straightener and curler. I was about to use this for some of their other hair products and accessories, but unfortunately it only works if you buy an actual styling tool. All NuMe styling tools are over $100 so you will be paying a balance plus shipping of $15 to Canada, but if you are in the market for some good styling tools, this is a great deal.

Total Value of Glymm Box: $34.28 (without gift certificate)


  1. thanks for the review! I have heard a lot of mixed (mostly negative) reviews of Glymm for April. I hate to break it to you about the shampoo/conditioner samples, but apparently you will be getting some in your Luxe box AND your glossybox for April too! looks like you'll be working on shampoo samples for many days to come.. :P

    1. LOL, dear God noooo! Glymm has gone somewhat downhill since I signed up with them in September (for a year!)

  2. I got the exact same box that you did and had the same feelings towards it. I also feel like the last one to the party since Glymm ships to their farthest customers last. I've since cancelled my subscription to Glymm.

    1. I signed up for a year, so my contract ends in September...I'm hoping I'll get a few more of the better boxes out of it by then...

  3. I cancelled my Glymm subscription and lately I haven't felt like that was such a bad decision. I haven't seen a box yet where I was like "Damn I wish I still had my subscription!" That bar of soap is super cute though :) I got my glossybox shipping notice today but it says it wotn come till april 30th. :(


  4. I loved the Orange Sanguine fragrance in this months box! I'm jealous that you got 2, I kind of want to buy it I love it that much!

  5. Oh lucky you for getting two of the Orange Sanguine fragrances!!

  6. Gave up on Glymm after four boxes. They never follow your profile and how many women my age really want teal hair extensions????

    Love orange fragences!

    1. LOL, the hair extensions were kind of out there! Amazingly, I had a friend who was DYING to have blue hair extensions so I gave them to her and they didn't go to waste!

  7. I wasn't too excited with this months box...LOVED the Orange Cologne but everything else was kind of a let down! Giving them one more month before I decide whether to pull the plug! Thank you for following my blog Luv...I appreciate it! Followed you back! XO :)

    1. I liked the perfume too, but I'm locked in with Glymm until September...love your blog! It was a great late night discovery!

  8. These monthly subscription boxes are always interesting to see. I don't have the guts to try them though. That perfume seems nice to have :) I can't believe the price of the full size version! haha. Must smell good!

    1. It does smell quite good, but it's pretty pricey...there was a 30mL size that was $70 so I guess that's somewhat more reasonable!