Marcelle | CC Cream Review with Before and After Face Photos!

I honestly never thought there would be any other letters past “BB” cream, but then came CC and then DD cream (or was it the other way around?) Marcelle BB Cream ($22.95) was the very first North American BB cream that I tried (and still love and use to this day!) so after falling in love with Marcelle’s DD Cream ($26.95) it seemed only befitting that I try the CC Cream ($29.95) too.

Pure 24K gold has been infused into Marcelle’s Complete Correction Cream to diminish the appearance of dark spots and skin tone imperfections that can be caused by sun exposure or the aging of skin. The formula’s lightweight consistency and ingredients provide full coverage and leaves your skin feeling smoother, firmer and highly moisturized. Radiance is boosted to give your complexion a perfect glow! With SPF 35.

marcelle cc cream

marcelle cc cream swatch

Marcelle CC Cream

You can see in the before and after pictures that I look almost reddish before applying the CC cream. It really did “Colour Correct” my skin! I look brighter and more even toned.

I guess the burning question now is,”What’s the difference between BB, CC and DD cream?” This is when the table above proves to be incredibly handy! In terms of coverage, I found the CC cream to be right in the middle. It is less than BB, but more than DD. The original BB cream does not have SPF in it so for me this is a good reason to reach for either the CC (SPF 35) or DD (SPF 25) creams. Both of these also don’t have the same dewy finish that the BB cream leaves on your skin.

I still cannot say I prefer one cream more than any other ALL THE TIME. Now that it’s sunnier, I would prefer something that has SPF built in so for now the BB cream will go into hibernation. If I’m looking particularly blotchy and uneven, the CC cream it is, but if I’m not looking like a tomato, I do love how the DD cream gives my skin a more smooth finish. The fact that the CC cream has colloidal gold in it isn’t the main focus for me although it was an interesting fact to discover. The purpose of colloidal gold in cosmetics is to theoretically enhance electron transfer between the gold and metal ions already present in skin cells. This stimulates cell regeneration making it a desirable anti-aging agent. I’m not entirely sold on that aspect of this product, but it does make feel more “glowy”. At least in my head. Regardless, I truly have been reaching for this almost daily as the glow tends to last the day especially if I set my makeup with a spray.

Have you tried any of the Marcelle BB, CC or DD creams? Which one is your favourite?

PR sample sent for review.

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