January 2013 Empties

I will be so glad to get rid of these! Some of the things I’ve managed to finish in January have been haunting me for years!  

Bath and BodyDSC_0065

1. Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion (600mL)

I purchased this bottle for $4.99 in 2009 and enjoyed both the great price and the smell. After a few months though, I got really sick of the scent and haven’t gone back to it until late last year as I was adamant about finishing it for good! As a moisturizer, it’s fantastic, but 600mL of this has made me a little sick of cocoa butter! Repurchase? No

2. skoah Soft Love Body Kream (230g)

I purchased this in November 2011 and loved every bit of it! It took awhile to finish, but I really like the scent as it is smelled just like creamy almonds. The consistency was quite thick and was wonderful for dry skin. Repurchase? Yes

3. Lush Lovely Jubblies (~5mL)

I received this in my last Lush haul and I wasn’t too impressed…it ended up just feeling like moisturizer to me instead of a breast firming cream. Purchase? No

4. L’Occitane Dry Skin Foot Cream (10mL)

Smells like lavender and was a great foot cream all around. Very thick and moisturizing as well! Purchase? Yes

5. Nivea Creme (29g)

I received this in a beauty box swap and as much as I love Nivea products, I found this moisturizer too thick to use comfortably. It was not quick-absorbing and not a consistency I enjoyed. Purchase? No

6. Cuccio Naturale Pomegranate and Fig Body Butter (9.24g)

I received this in a past Topbox and I wanted to like this more than I did…the scent wasn’t for me, but the consistency was enjoyable. Purchase? No

7. & 8. L’Occitane Bonne Mere Gentle Cream in Honey (15mL) x2

Light honey-scented moisturizer that I really enjoyed. I have enjoyed most of the products from this line and already have the full size of this product! Purchase? Yes


9. 10. & 11. Julep The Best Pedi Creme Ever! (2mL x 3)

Smells just like cucumber and mint which is one of my favourite combinations! It make me hungry! This foot creme isn’t quite as thick as the L’Occitane one, but does feel quite refreshing once on my feet. I have two bottles of this already from various Maven boxes, but I would probably have purchased this in the full size. Purchase? Yes

12. Mereadesso Beautiful Body Balm (30mL)

I received this in either one of my beauty boxes or a TSC purchase. It is a very lightweight moisturizer with an orange scent, but I don’t think I’d ever buy the full size mainly because of price. Purchase? No

13. L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream (6mL)

I can’t get enough of this line! I’ve tried this before in the form of another sample size and I love it! I will pick up the full size one day after I’ve gone through the mountains of moisturizer I have! Purchase? Eventually!


14. Lush Rub Rub Rub (330g)

This is the second tub I have finished of this and I will continue to buy this for as long as it exists! A scrub and a soap that is so incredibly refreshing as it contains sea salt and fresh lemon juice. If you haven’t tried this, you really should! Repurchase? Yes

15. Kitty Kosmetics Kandy Kane Natural Body Scrub (1oz)

I am so sad this only lasted two uses for me :( I received this in my December Natural Beauty Box and boy am I glad I did! It smelled just like candy canes and was both exfoliating and moisturizing as the scrub melted into my skin. I am definitely buying the full size of this! Purchase? Yes

16. Villainess Dulces En Fuego Warming Body Scrub (227g)

I reviewed this product last month and loved it. Villainess has a knack for producing the most unique scents and this was no exception! Repurchase? Yes


17. eos Pomegranate Raspberry Shave Cream (15mL)

I received this as a contest win from Beauty Crazed and I honestly don’t see what is so great about these shaving creams. It worked just like any other shaving cream and because eos is always so much more expensive than other shave creams. Purchase? No

18. L’Occitane Amande Soap (50g)

I’ve used up one bar before and I still love it! These are smaller than regular soap bars, but they smell so damn good, I can’t get enough of them which is why I bought a pack of six! Repurchase? Yes

19. Lucia Goat Milk Linseed Soap (25g)

I received this in a past Glymm box and it is exactly what soap traditionally smells like. Soapy. I can see how some might not like the scent, but it agreed with me! Purchase? Maybe


20. L’Occitane Amande Shower Oil (500mL)

You all know how much I love this stuff and I already have purchased and refilled this very bottle so if you haven’t tried this yet, please do! Repurchase? Yes

Face MasksDSC_0062

21. Envie De Neuf Eye Mask (1 pair)

I received this in a past BB5 box and I thought I would really enjoy this, but I prefer full face masks much more. Purchase? No

22. MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask in Detox Diva (1 sheet)

I have reviewed MaskerAide masks before and I LOVE them. Detox Diva gave my skin the boost it needed.


23. Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo (12mL)

The smell of this shampoo was such a turnoff for me. It made me feel very nauseated at times as it reminded me so much of a “perfumed piece of cheese”…ugh. I’m so glad it was just a sample because it was awful. Purchase? No!

24. Coconut Amla Revitalizing Hair Treatment (5mL)

This hair treatment was WONDERFUL! My hair was so shiny for days after using this, but the only mistake I made was using it all over my hair when just the roots and tips would have been enough as it was quite hard to wash out! Purchase? Yes

Makeup-Related DSC_0070

25. Simple Eye Make-up Remover (56mL)

It burns my eyes! Aaah! For something that is supposedly geared for sensitive skin and is “kind to eyes”, the burning was truly a surprise! I still have one more sample bottle to go through and by hook or by crook I will finish that one too! Purchase? No!

26. Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils (7.5mL)

I received this in my February 2012 Topbox and there was nothing special about this mascara at all. It didn’t add any real volume to my lashes and I’m glad I never paid for the full size. Purchase? No

27. Calvin Klein Euphoria (1.2mL)

A scent that is both floral and fruity, this was a delight to wear! I have a lot of fragrances right now that are similar to this scent so I won’t be rushing out to get the full size despite how much I enjoyed it. Purchase? Maybe

28. Lancome Tresor (1.5mL)

I found this scent to be tolerable only in small doses as it was musky and too floral for me. I know it is one of Lancome’s signature scents, but it doesn’t suit me at this point in my life. Maybe in 10 years! Purchase? No

29. Pur Minerals Cream Eye Shadow in Bubbly Bliss (6g)

I am quite upset about this as I purchased this last year and I’ve only used it once! Now it is completely dry and unusable! I don’t trust the shelf life of these anymore so I won’t be buying this again! Repurchase? No


30.&31. Julep One Step Polish Remover Pad

These didn’t really work for me and dried out by the time I got to the other hand…I didn’t hold the pad down on my nail for very long before trying to remove the polish so maybe that was my mistake. I have a couple more of these so I will continue to use these in the hopes of a more positive outcome! Purchase? Maybe

32. Biore Make-Up Removing Towelettes (10 towelettes)

I really liked the fact that these towelettes were quilted and plush in feeling. Don’t use these on your lips though because it tastes AWFUL. I have a habit of wiping my entire face so ever since using these I have been careful to avoid my lips when using make-up wipes! Aside from that, they did a great job removing even waterproof mascara. Purchase? Yes

And that’s all folks!


  1. Great post... really enjoyed reading it.

  2. That's a ton of stuff! I love that feeling of finishing off things that have been sitting around for way too long.

    1. It feels amazing! Especially those BIG bottles of stuff!

  3. I hate it when products take forever to finish. I have gotten SO dick of some of my bigger bottled lotions that I just end up giving them to my sisters lol.

    1. I know, they seem like such a great deal and then you realize that you just get sick of the scent!

  4. Great work! I really gotta get on getting me some L'Occitane! Too bad about the pur minerals - I do find cream shadows tend to dry out pretty quick, but it sucks you didn't get to use it a lot.

    1. It was such a disappointment that it dried out that quickly...
      You have to get some L'Occitane stuff! I'm am so obviously hooked!

  5. Great empties Jayne!! I too found that the Simple eye makeup remover burned my eyes... I thought maybe it was because mine were oversensitive, but I see it's not just me!! I just used it for my face, even though I didn't enjoy it at all! You've made me curious about many products that I've never tried!

    1. Oh interesting that it burned for you too! I think we should let Simple know!

  6. Such great empties! I really commend you for getting through products! That large cocoa butter lotion is a monster! lol.

    1. Haha, it WAS a monster!! Finishing it felt like the most amazing accomplishment!

  7. LOL perfumed cheese! Jayne you make me laugh! This is a good amount of product you went through this month, I love being able to get rid of things that have haunted my existence forever! I mean you can always toss them but I don't like being wasteful :S

    1. I hate throwing things out! I'll use something right until the bitter end!

  8. Wow good job going through all these things! I have a makeup remover that burns too, so i just use it on my hands after i swatch things. :)

    1. That's a good idea, I might just have to resort to that for my second bottle of Simple makeup remover!

  9. Lol gross, perfumed piece of cheese... So many empties! I've been working on finishing off some products that have been sitting around but there's definitely not enough to make a blog post about it.

    1. LOL, it really smelled like that though!!
      One day, we'll see an empties post from you I'm sure! And we will all cheer!

  10. Ugh, that Simple makeup remover made my eyes sting as well! "Sensitive" my butt!

    Good job on the empties!

    1. haha, I think we really should rally together and let Simple know that they have a very burny eye makeup remover!

  11. Nice! Do you have the ingredients of the Julep Pedi Creme?

    1. There are A LOT of ingredients here on the bottle!
      Water, urea, shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia seed oil, glycolic acid, glycerin, glyceryl stearate, vitamin e, grape seed oil...there are a lot so I'd almost rather take a picture of the bottle for you than write it all out since the website doesn't have an ingredient list ready to go! There are no parabens and the last ingredient is the cucumber mint extract that I love so much.
      Let me know!

  12. you did amazing in january!! i still have to try the coconut amla treatment and the envie de neuf eye masks... so many products, so little time...

    1. I know right? If only all of life's problems were that enjoyable!