April 2013 Glossybox | Olympian Edition

I vowed that I would NOT let this post wait until June! I’m so sorry for being late! As mentioned in the title, this is a Glossybox curated or rather endorsed by former Olympian Tracy Little. I couldn’t find her name associated with a medal though, so I don’t know if the Glossybox card is entirely accurate. And interestingly enough, Tracy Little has now retired and is now a Marketing and Communications Manager for a pole dancing company! Sorry, moving on April’s Glossybox!


Jelly Ping Pong Cosmetics | Lip BlushDSC_0126

A moisturizing lip stain that tints your lips with just the right amount of juicy colour and hydration.

Thoughts: First of all, I love the name of this company! The colour isn’t quite as bright on my lips as it looks in the packaging and I love chubby pencils. I was very happy to see this in my Glossybox!

Full size: 2.5g/$18.70

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Schick | Hydro Silk RazorDSC_0127

The razor that gives back moisture and leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

Thoughts: Is it just me, or are razors not quite as exciting to see now? I know these fancy ones are pretty pricey, but I’ve received so many ever since my subscription started that at this point I’m feeling somewhat “meh” about them. I will use this though AND it doesn’t have an expiration date which is a plus.

Full size: $10.99

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Boscia | Recharging Night MoistureDSC_0128

A concentrated moisturizer that works overnight to repair, strengthen and improve skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Thoughts: Oooh, a Boscia product! And a night cream! I love Boscia products, but have never tried their night cream so this was a fun surprise! It is no longer available through Sephora, so hopefully this isn’t dated stock…

Full size: 40mL/$44.00

I received: 15mL/$16.50 (The info card says we received a full size product, but we did not!)

Pop Beauty | Eyeliner in Tasty TealDSC_0130

A selection of vibrant liners that allow you to create anything from a flirty bedroom eye to a purrr-fect cat eye in a flash!

Thoughts: I actually have a VERY similar eye liner from MUA in black and brown and I didn’t like it all that much. When it comes to lining my upper lash line, I prefer using liquid as opposed to pencil. What I do love about this product is the colour! Definitely something I would not have purchased on my own!

Full size: 0.4g/$16.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Heartland Fragrance | Epsom Salts in JasmineDSC_0131

Soaking with herb-infused Natural Epsom Bath Salt will soften skin and relieve tired, achy muscles.

Thoughts: I was wondering why my Glossybox was so fragrant! To be honest, I find the scent overpowering at times. It’s pleasant, but I suppose Lush has spoiled me with their unique bath bomb scents so that may be why I’m not completely sold on the scent I received.

Full size: 850g/$10.10

I received: ~100g/$1.19


Total Value of April Glossybox: $63.38

My favourite items were the Boscia night cream and the Jelly Pong Pong lip blush. Boscia isn’t the most inexpensive brand so I definitely perked up when I saw this in the box. Some fun products in April for sure, too bad I was so busy at the beginning of the month that I am only enjoying them now!

Have a good night and Happy Memorial Day to those of you across the border!


  1. Yay pole dancing! I've been doing it for a few months now, so much fun. The lippy looks like fun, and the eye liner shade looks awesome too!

    1. I think I'm too uptight to join pole dancing! LOL!

  2. Jayne your pictures amaze me everytime I read your posts! It's nice to see that glossybox is putting more upscale brands in their boxes and not strictly drugstore. I feel the same way about getting razors in subscription boxes, however, I haven't had to purchase a razor in over a year since I'm always getting them... So that's a plus!
    :) chelsey

    1. Awww, thank you Chelsey!
      True, not having to spend money on razors for two years now has been amazing!

  3. Ooh the Boscia product is something I would be looking forward to using :D

  4. If I paid for a beauty box and got a razor I'd snap! Hope all other items were worth it : /