Beauty Box 5 | May 2013

Maybe I just have too many beauty boxes to blog about, but I just cannot stay on top of these posts! So, May’s BB5 had one standout product for me and the rest were somewhat uninteresting…I know I’ve built up the suspense now so read on to see what I received!


Ferro Cosmetics | UltraGlaze Lip Gloss in Miss BehaveDSC_0014

Thoughts: I’m kind of tired of seeing Brazen over and over in BB5 now as there have been Brazen eye shadows in the April and May boxes. I’m grateful that this is a lip product as I think I get the gist of their eye shadows! The colour looks like a shimmery purple shade which is one that I would wear so yay…

Full size: 11mL/$8.99

I received: 3g/$4.25

Jean Pierre | Tanning TowelettesDSC_0015

Summer’s on its way beauties…time to get your tan on the safe way! For that natural bronze glow, apply this handy little towelette in a circular motion to dry clean skin.

Thoughts: Is anyone else scared to use self-tanning wipes?? I feel like I have more control with a lotion or that I won’t have enough “tanning essence” for the areas I want tanned! I should just group the tanning towelettes I have collected so that I know I’ll have enough!

Full size: 10 towelettes/$8.99

I received: 2 towelettes/$1.80

Model Co | Black EyelinerDSC_0016

Effortless application, amazing staying power and hydration from an eyeliner? Nothing beats Model Co’s Color Box Black Pencil!

Thoughts: I have yet to try this eyeliner, but if it’s just as good as the description I am very excited! I have been using Urban Decay 24/7 pencils or Milani Liquif-Eye for the longest time and I have hard time switching to anything else!

Full size: 1.2g/$18.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Coolway | Transform Styling SprayDSC_0017

Want to cut your blow drying time in half? Maybe you want to reduce hot tool styling damage? Just spray Transform on clean towel-dried hair and blow dry or style as usual.

Thoughts: This was the product that I was most excited to try out! I flat iron and blow dry my hair every day so I cannot wait to see how this works out for me!

Full size: 6.7oz/$$24.95

I received: 3.3oz/$12.29

La Fresh | Deodorant WipesDSC_0018

Let’s face it, we all occasionally miss a step in our morning routine. Well problem solved! Pack a few of these discrete little deodorant wipes in your purse or stash a stack in your desk for those potentially fragrant forgetful days. Simply unfold the wipe and apply.

Thoughts: I will admit that there definitely have been times especially when I’m going somewhere straight after work when I want a little freshening up in the underarm area. These little wipes seem like great things to put in my purse for that quick freshen up!

Full size: 48 packets/$19.90

I received: 2 packets/$0.83


Total Value of May BB5 Box: $37.17

As you can see, if it weren’t for the Coolway Transform, this would not be a very exciting box for me…the little packets of deodorant and tanning wipes are sort of like afterthoughts for me, but then again, for a box that I’m paying about $10/month for, it’s still pretty decent in terms of dollar value. I know many of you would not be happy with this box and I would totally understand why!


  1. lol self tanning wipes scare me too! Ooh the antiperspirant seems like such a great purse addition :D

    1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that is afraid of tanning wipes!

  2. If I was subbed to this service I'd have been seriously disappointed : / Glad you can always see the bright side of things. Hope you like all products Jayne xx

    1. I think I HAVE to stay positive especially since I have prepaid!

  3. Mary-Louise ParkerJune 28, 2013 at 4:06 AM

    I love model co eye liner! Its dark, and doesn't smudge as much as most black eyeliners I have used. Def stays on all day/night. Beauty box and summer blank tees are right now on my wish list.


    1. That's good to hear that the eyeliner doesn't smudge! I look forward to using it!

  4. i am just like you! i keep delaying my post about this exact box... haha let's see if i am successful at maintaining my attention span this evening :)

    1. hahaha, awww well I'm sure you've had a lot to deal with in the last little while with the situation in Calgary!