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Is it just me or have we been obsessed with makeup sprays for pretty much all of 2014? Although I’ve heard that the ULTIMATE setting spray is HAIRSPRAY, I start to panic when even a little bit gets in my mouth or my eyes so I cannot imagine how sticky it must feel! MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Mist & Fix*($34.00/125mL or $14.00/30mL) is a re-launch of a cult favourite with an “O2 Skin Complex” that promises to oxygenate the skin and make it appear more radiant without adding shine. Mist & Fix is alcohol-free, like most setting sprays, and suitable for even sensitive skin types.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist and Fix Review

MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist and Fix Review (5)

MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist and Fix Review (4)

Now, I’m not sure what “oxygenation” means, but methylpropanediol encourages absorption of other ingredients, while pentylene glycol is a synthetic humectant (draws in moisture). There is also an ingredient called Trapaeolum majus extract that is actually super pretty plant and is entirely edible! It is often used in salads and is known for its high vitamin C content (Flora of North America, April 2015). The copolymer is the actual physical shield that forms of film across the skin to keep makeup in place. There two preservatives in this spray, one in the form of methyparaben and the other in the form of phenoxyethanol which is often used as a preservative in paraben-free or more natural products. I don’t think I’ve seen these two together before in one product.

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 The mist sprays out finely and smells kind of soapy. It feels just like I have sprayed water on my face and while you can feel a slight residue when it dries on your face, it’s nothing uncomfortable. If you have sprayed too much you can blot with a tissue to soak up any excess, but I preferred to let the mist dry.

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Final Verdict: I have never had a significant problem with my makeup fading. When I sprayed this on my face, my eyeshadow still didn’t look so hot at the end of a long day which I have come to accept. I don’t expect the liner on my waterline to look just as crisp as it did at 9am and I don’t really feel like spraying a setting spray on my waterline! I always use primer underneath my eyeshadows so it never fades or creases anyway. If anything, I’ve been using Mist & Fix as a precautionary tool, but this isn’t going to be something I absolutely need to use everyday. If you have oily/combination skin then you might benefit more from this setting spray than I. In the summer is when I should REALLY put this guy to the test, but for now this will just be an occasional use for me.

Do you find that a setting spray significantly prolongs the longevity of your makeup?

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