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Just because I work for another skincare company does not mean I will be excluding myself from trying other brands and sharing my honest to goodness experiences! I love the science of skincare and will never lose that spirit of discovery when it comes to any brand so let us partake in some new skincare shall we? Odacite (play on the French word “audacity”) was founded by Valerie Grandury after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. In an effort to detoxify her environment, she changed her diet and of course, her skincare regime. Try as she might, the products she came across never had manufacture dates which made her wonder how long the active ingredients would retain their efficacy thus giving rise to the “freshiency date”, batching products without the need for any synthetic preservatives and shipping right to your door. Places like The Detox Market that carry Odacite, refrigerate their products on site to ensure freshness. Also, the liquid base of all Odacite products is never water, but fresh, organic aloe vera juice which I thought was super cool.

Odacite Review The Detox Market (2)

Odacite Review The Detox Market

I received a 10 Day Try Me Kit*($29.00 CDN) for Dry/Mature skin at the end of January and even though it says 10 days, I was able to stretch everything out for close to one month! I was alternating with an Odacite facial oil that I will review later which aided in the longevity of my little sampler pack! Inside the Try Me Kit was the: Night Time Repair Serum, Jojoba Beads Exfoliant, Rejuvenating Cleanser, Aloe & Immortelle Hydrating Toner Mist, Hydration Masque, Ultra Effective Eye Cream, Beautiful Day Moisturizer and two exfoliating facial sponges.

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Rejuvenating Cleanser

This is a non-foaming creamy cleanser that was able to clean my skin while still leaving it feeling creamy and soft. The texture has a slight “slip” to it thanks to tamanu oil with instructions saying to get a little massage going to stimulate circulation. The full size of this cleanser also comes with facial sponges to encourage a thorough rinse and circulation. I never think of spending all that much time at the “cleansing” stage of my skincare regime, but after watching Lisa Eldrige massage her face for 20 minutes (here) I just might! Scent was ever so slightly herbal and with my using it in the AM/PM was finished in about 15 days.

Jojoba Beads Exfoliant

This was one of my favourite products in the kit as I am an exfoliant fiend! As the name states, perfectly round jojoba beads are used to remove dead skin cells while sitting in a creamy base of coconut and lavender oil. This can be used 2-3 times a week in addition to or in place of your morning cleanser. What I loved the most about this product was again, how incredibly creamy my skin felt after use! I still had that “exfoli-glow” and my skin looked more even in texture while I was using this. This isn’t a very gritty scrub so for those that prefer something with a little more oomph, you might want a separate exfoliation treatment.

Aloe & Immortelle Hydrating Toner Mist

Toner is often the step I will skip, but in recent months I have been trying to get better about it. Toner is the rebalancing pH step and I always assumed that this was more for people who needed some extra oil control during the day. I don’t really get oilier during the day without a toner or have less oil production when I do so if anything, I like toners more as a facial mist to be used during the day. This toner mist normally comes in a spray, but in the kit I had to pour it out into a cotton pad because it came in a pour out bottle. As is, I liked the scent and how refreshed my skin felt. I would definitely have enjoyed this in spray form. I hate using cotton pads…

Night Time Repair Serum

This serum was another favourite of mine as one, it smelled almost edible (it probably could be at this point) and because I enjoyed the creamy almost syrupy texture. On alternate nights, I would pair this serum with the Odacite Acai Rose Facial Serum Concentrate which truly made my skin feel like it was repairing itself while I slept.

Hydration Masque

I used this twice a week as a sleeping mask. It felt like a very rich moisturizer and like most hydrating sleeping masks, I woke up with incredibly plumped skin. It was so rich that I only needed the tiniest amount which is why I still had some left after the month was over!

Beautiful Day Moisturizer

Ah, the moisturizer. This alone was not enough for me and I had to mix it with the facial serum everyday because my skin felt a little tight once this sunk into my skin. It had a very pleasant texture though, not too thick and not too thin, but apparently my skin had other ideas!

Ultra Effective Eye Cream

This was quite rich so only a little rice size amount was required under the eye. I cheated a little and brought it up around the orbital bone. I still have some left despite using it both AM/PM for almost 4 weeks! There is blue-green algae, hyaluronic acid as well as pomegranate oil all serving to fight free radicals, plump up fine lines and improve skin’s elasticity. I had to look back at some of makeup looks for the month of February to see what my under eyes looked like and they actually look pretty good! The dark circles I normally have didn’t seem quite as challenging to hide!

Final Verdict: I had beautiful skin while I was using Odacite in full. You can see from FOTDs that my skin had a great texture and I had zero blemishes crop up in the month that I was using the line. This was my first time using a skincare line completely in full (I started working for Tata Harper after my review process was over) and with a more natural and organic ingredient content. My skin responded well! It started to break out in early March, but I wasn’t sure if that was due to stress as I was travelling at that time, but I loved the products, the ingredients and how they worked on my skin. The moisturizer and toner were probably the two things that were just OK for me, but the rest of the products were wonderful. All of the products were fairly gentle, but the moisturizer did have naturally derived salicylic acid from willow bark in it so there WAS some additional chemical exfoliation happening. I would still want a weekly treatment dedicated to hardcore exfoliation though so this is the only component I felt was missing from Odacite regime.

Odacite can be found at The Detox Market.

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