HAIR | LaCoupe Naturals Collection with Fresh Avocado Frizz Control

I have been using a lot of different hair products lately and I feel like every product I try has slight upgrades from the last! I go through phases where I really don't switch up my hair care too much and then phases like right now where I am ploughing through different products every 2 weeks. I have a feeling it has been because I haven't been able to change my skincare for the last 45 days (for review purposes) so the itch to try new things has moved to another area of my body!

I have used LaCoupe once before, around the time I started blogging, and actually wrote to the company almost 10 years ago to say how much I liked their ORGNX shampoo and conditioner! With the recent interest in green beauty, LaCoupe has introduced the Naturals Collection featuring four lines specially curated for your hair's needs all while being sulfate, silicone, paraben, propylene glycol and petroleum-free! There is Moroccan Rose which gives volume to fine or thinning hair, Coconut Milk which softens and nourishes damaged and dehydrated hair, Royal Honey to revive overprocessed hair and Fresh Avocado to fight frizz and hydrate curly hair.

You would think that the Fresh Avocado duo would be the least compatible option for me since I have the farthest thing from curly hair, but I do have quite a bit of frizz because my hair is coarse and somewhat unruly similarly to curly hair. I hide the true state of my hair well by curling it to give the illusion of softness, but my husband can attest to just how coarse and crazy my hair really is. It wasn't even that soft prior to my colouring it so now that I am, it's pretty awful if I don't use the right products.

The Fresh Avocado Shampoo and Conditioner (500mL/$9.99 CDN) features some delicious-sounding ingredients like 100% aloe water, coconut water and sweet almond and hibiscus oil and comes in whopping 500mL pump bottles (LOVE) making for easy shower access! The addition of these extra oils act to minimize frizz and tame curls while adding shine and strength.

One thing I noticed when I looked at the ingredients lists for both the shampoo and conditioner was that the coconut and aloe water were almost at the bottom of the lists so I'm not really sure how much of a contribution they had to the overall formulation, BUT what I can say is that this duo made such a difference in my hair that my husband actually said my hair looked like "real" hair! The featured oils were closer the middle of the ingredients list so that also made me feel a bit more confident in the overall efficacy of the products.

Both the shampoo and conditioner had similar almond/coconut fragrances and were pretty standard in their textures (hence the lack of photos). The shampoo had a nice lather and my scalp felt clean without feeling overly cleansed. It rinsed out well and the first couple of times I used it, I could feel that my hair was nicer to touch even in the shower.

I have mentioned that not having silicones in conditioners often scares me especially with lower priced brands, but this was not the case with the Fresh Avocado Conditioner! My hair felt so silky after blow drying AND after straightening that for the past 4 weeks I have almost exclusively worn my hair straight which I rarely do because I hate showing the world how "vulnerable" my hair really is. It has been so luxurious feeling with the right amount of volume at my roots that I am even able to get away with second and THIRD day hair! Traditionally, I can never get away without multiple days of straight hair without washing it because the lack of volume at my roots can't even be fixed with dry shampoo.

Final verdict: This is probably one of the longest runs I have had using the same hair care line without switching at 4 weeks now because it has been years since I have experienced silkiness like this for a continuous period of time! I just washed my hair again last night and I think it is now getting "used to" this duo so it will be time to move on to something else, but this has definitely helped in adding some sleekness back to my hair. I still have a bit of frizz at the top of my head because I have quite a number of baby hairs, but the rest of my hair is still super smooth. For the price, the amount of product and the surprising results to my hair, I would recommend this for very damaged hair as well!

The LaCoupe Naturals Collection is available at Wal-Mart and Jean Coutu in Canada.

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