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How is it coming up to the middle of May? Once it hits June, it will be the summer and then half a year would have gone by! I STILL have stuff from December that I want to blog about that feels recent...tell me I'm not the only that is still trying to get organized! While I was fumbling my way through filing my taxes last month (filed on April 29th!), I realized that there was something special about May and that was Mother's Day! Lush has again blown it out of the water when it comes to new and sweet-smelling things so let's dive in!

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So, REAL TALK. I honestly thought that by now, I would be a mom with one maybe even two kids, but the older I get, the less I want kids of my own. I still feel far too selfish and especially because my husband does not want children either, there isn't a real push to have them other than from my parents who massively guilt-tripped me over Chinese New Year about having no grandchildren of their own to give lucky money to. Ah, the Asian parent. Never a dull moment. For now, I am more than happy to be the mother of cats as I feel like my heart has always been open to giving furbabies, like Hugo and Hemingway, a loving home. That's definitely something I got from my mom who constantly took in stray cats back home in Malaysia.

I have massively digressed at this point, but really the point of all of that was to say that one of the many things I am grateful to my mother for is for instilling in me a love of cats and it will be one of the things we will always have in common along with a love for...bath products! One of the first Mother's Day gifts I bought her was a Rose Lush Bath Bomb!

First up, are the BOMBS. First up is the "Incredible Mom" which even has a dissolvable paper "cape" that gives a swirly bath of pinks and oranges with the scent of bergamot and ylang ylang. Next, is the blue and red display of "Madame President" which contains petitgrain oil to tone and balance the skin as well as a touch of cornflour to leave skin feeling extra smooth. While I wasn't too in love with the scent of this bath bomb, I think someone who is looking for a less sweet/floral scent would like this somewhat woodsy scent.

Just when I thought Lush couldn't make a scent I hadn't smelled before, they go ahead and make "Mom, Look What I Made For You" which smells so creamy and dessert-like, I DIE. This guy is made with coconut milk powder, cocoa, almost essential oil and chocolate extract. I mean, come on! This is just the ultimate sweet tooth bath bomb! Lastly is the reusable "Mom in a Spin" Bath Bar which is a relaxing blend of lavender and tonka that reveal pink, fluffy bubbles when "spun" under the tap. You might fall asleep in the tub with this one!

Yes, Lush always does soaps like the SUPER yummy smelling Raspberry Milkshake Bar Soap* made with extra virgin coconut oil and almond milk (first ingredient!), but this year they have these beautiful more "sculpted" soaps with some serious patterns on them!

First up is Lemon Zest* which smells exactly like how you would imagine - super lemony and refreshing! Instead of flowers, get mom or the special women in your life these "bouquets" of floral soaps! The Purple Loosetrife* is an incredibly floral combination of lavender, rose, hibiscus and violet leaf so although this isn't my kind of scent, I know someone will love it because it smells so feminine and soft.

Now, I could not believe how much I loved the Chamomile Lawn* and how bang on the scent was! I often drink chamomile tea because I tend to get upset stomachs quite a bit and smelling this was just so comforting. This is made with both German Chamomile Infusion and lavender and puts me at peace just smelling it. Lastly, is the Rosebud* which is quite literally a collection of yellow and red rosebuds scented with rose petal infusion and orange flower. Again, this scent is really not me, but I know that my mom would LOVE it!

The Baa Bar* is not a new release, but it's one of those Lush favourites and is a relaxing bubble bar of lavender, tonka and ylang ylang that will make you verrrrry sleepy so be careful in the tub! To relax a little more, moisturize your skin with the new Honey Bear* massage bar made of cocoa and shea butter which melts into your skin with a honey chocolate scent. I quite liked the scent of this massage bar although at times it smelled a bit like banana to me even though there is no banana scent present in the ingredients list.

I was most excited about the Marbled Bubbleroons*! Each has a different scent with what reminds me of a "Galaxy Icing" inspired glaze. The Citrus Are Doing It For Themselves (red) Bubbleroon is a very zesty blend of lime, grapefruit and lemon myrtle oils and a product name that makes me smile. I love citrus scents so this one immediately called to me! Purpled Drain is a blend of clove bud, black pepper and peppermint though I definitely smell the clove bud much more. This is a much more cozy scent rather than invigorating and I look forward to using this on day where all I want to do is kill people. Mother of Pearl is the "romantic" and more floral bubbleroon with the scent of jasmine and mimosa orange flower. This is my ideal level of floral.

These Lush Mother's Day novelties will be available online and at all Lush locations until May 13th! My picks are the bubbleroons and Mom, Look What I Made for You!

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