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Fragrance is definitely one area of beauty that I do not feature a lot on the blog and it's not because of lack of love, but more so the lack of knowledge on how to even brooch the subject. Fragrance is more about storytelling than about ingredients. Yes, I can tell you about the notes, but that is literally one or two lines of information. The rest is purely emotional which let's face it, for those who know me, is not me. I am the typical stoic Asian when it comes to my emotions so trying to seduce someone with a story about how a fragrance makes you feel is not my strong suit.

Though today's product is not solely a fragrance, I will do my best to romance you all. We have all heard about Mugler Alien. This is one of the most iconic fragrances of the Mugler and really fragrance world and it was one of the first scents I was introduced to when I started by fragrance collection. Alien is a warm floral and has a unique blend of: Jasmine Sambac, Cashmeran Wood and Amber Gris and to this day is a scent that I have not smelled anywhere else. This scent can be strong for some and I have my moods for when I use it, but for days when I just want a hint of it I have been using the Mugler Alien Beautifying Hair Mist* ($50.00 CDN)! 

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I know that Alien has been talked about a lot, but because this is the first time I am featuring the scent, there are a few tidbits I found personally interesting when I went digging for information. Why the purple bottle? Purple is meant to mimic amethyst which also symbolizes femininity (among MANY things) which goes hand in hand with the meaning of the name "Alien" - inside every woman is something so unique and special that it is "alien" to everything around her. I honestly did not know that this was the reason why this fragrance was named "Alien".

In terms of WHEN I use this hair mist, it is almost always on second or third day hair. I have very long hair (soon to be cut and coloured next week) and because it is bleached, it is quite porous which means that in addition to drying out quickly, I feel like it can absorb other scents quite easily. For my length of hair, I spritz 3-4x all over my head and though it seems like my hair is intensely scented at first, it mellows out nicely.  

Mugler Alien Beautifying Hair Mist Review

Final verdict: Though the scent does not last a full work day, it does last a solid half day which is totally fine by me. Hair mists are total extra and are one of those "nice to haves" when it comes to the daily beautification process and probably only something long-haired gals might be interested in. I used to use the Alien EDP for my hair, but the hair mist is a bit more subtle which I like and would probably pick up again once I run out. I actually had no idea that there were so many hair mists for various popular fragrances so this might be a new area of hair care that I may need to investigate!

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