NAILS | Rainbows for Pride #ManiMonday

I love June. It feels like the start of brighter things with summer officially beginning in just a few weeks and now I have the perfect way to start ManiMondays this month - PRIDE! It is Pride Month and rainbows are the name of the game this week with this Robin Moses inspired nail art that I found while browsing the interwebs!

Rainbow Nail Art

PR samples

Dotticures are one of the easiest and most beautiful manicures and it was the first type of nail art I ever attempted. If you are ever think to yourself, "Nail art is too hard for me" a dotting tool will change your tune because you will feel like freakin' Picasso wielding this thing!

I've done rainbows a few different ways over the seven years of blogging, but never really with dots. I tend to gravitate towards sponge gradients because I have always admired how the colours seamlessly blend together, but apparently it can work with dots too! 

Rainbow Nail Art

I started off with three coats of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Ocean Daze* as it applied a bit patchy and I had to even it out with the third coat. From there it was just a matter of dotting random sized dots in ROYGBIV order using shades from the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Crayola collection in: Wild Strawberry*, Sunset Orange*, Dandelion*, Granny Smith Apple*, Denim* and Wild Violet*. I added a few smaller dots in red to give more of a sprinkle effect and then top coated my design. I definitely want to try this again with different colour combinations because it's a cool way of putting together even unrelated colours!

Rainbow Nail Art

How will your city be celebrating Pride? I read that our Vancouver Pride Parade is being cancelled due to high costs but I'm sure we will come up with another way to celebrate! Be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blogs to see what they have come up with this week!

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