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Yes, yes I don't have a single curl on my head so what am I doing with a shampoo and conditioner that promises to help "shape beautiful, bouncy curls"? When the Super Fruit Waters duo was sent to me, I will admit that I fired off an email saying that this wasn't my hair type and probably wouldn't be featuring it at all, but Live Clean's PR insisted that I give it a go as it was an incredibly nourishing duo for dry, especially colour-treated hair which is ME. 

Live Clean Super Fruit Waters Quenching Curls
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I have often said that for a drugstore brand, Live Clean is one the nicest, affordable brands that anyone will enjoy whether or not you are on the "natural" bandwagon. Their haircare has been gentle enough for the many shades of blonde, blue and purple my hair has gone through over the years and while some collections have been total duds (only one actually!), the rest of their haircare has been no fuss and easy to get along with. I only wish they did a hair mask!

Firstly, this Super Fruit Waters collection smells so fruity and delicious that it feels like I am eating a real tropical fruit salad! So, already I'm having a good time and then when it comes to the shampoo, 98% of the ingredients are plant-based which is pretty typical of Live Clean hair care, but nice to know. Plant-based doesn't always work for my artificially blonde hair, but I'm open to it if it works especially if I have a blend of watermelon seed, aloe vera and papaya that is supposed to smooth, nourish and make my hair look like it came out of a 90s Vidal Sassoon commercial. 

Live Clean Super Fruit Waters Quenching Curls

The shampoo was perfectly pleasant as it had a satisfying lather and rinsed out whatever product buildup I had goin' on. For me, it's always about the conditioner or rather how my hair feels at the very end of my shower and with this conditioner, my hair felt "plump" and very smooth! The next two tests are how my hair feels after blow-drying AND then styling the next day. Blow-drying went well and my hair still felt very soft. I tend to still have flyaways from my baby hairs even after blow-drying so I decided to see what would happen the next morning when I took a curling wand to my hair.

Live Clean Super Fruit Waters Quenching Curls

Final verdict: Texture-wise, my hair maintained its softness even with product in my styled curls and held up when I didn't wash my hair for two days. My husband even commented that my hair visually looked soft which was nice, but keep in mind that I did have a haircut a few weeks ago. The only thing this duo didn't help me with was my little baby hairs so I still had a smattering of them at the top of my head, BUT boy-oh-boy was my hair super soft! I don't really struggle with frizz, but my curls definitely felt more cohesive and tight which helped in prolonging my curls and getting ready in the mornings very quick! The pros outweigh the cons for me so I will continue to use this duo!

You can find Live Clean at mass drugstores across Canada.

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