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When it comes to cute packaging, it's really Asian cosmetics for the win especially when it comes to making cosmetics look like FOOD. I've used lip tints shaped like wine bottles and a bronzer shaped like a cookie and now I'm back to using a lip tint, but this time in the form of scoops of fruity gelato! Avon and The Face Shop have partnered to create these limited edition almost edible lip tints that will have all ages squealing about how stinkin' cute the packaging is as well as what a great little product it is! 

PR samples

Korean makeup has always been fairly natural with no wild and crazy colours, but instead focusing on complexion and doll-like features. Lips are almost always neutral in colour with a pop of coral or pink and rarely with a full coat of colour. Instead, the gradient lip is featured frequently from editorial to everyday makeup photos even though all of the Korean lip products I've tried are incredibly pigmented. I am guessing that a pigmented product can be "patted out" on the lips with fingers more easily so it's nice to have the option to go more sheer with my colour.

As you can see, these lip tints are shaped and smell like ice cream with some scents being better than others as they remind me of the scents of "My Little Cupcake" from the 90s (you know, those dolls that had an icing lid but flipped inside out to reveal a princess!). The tints come with a flat doe foot applicator with a matte finish and light formula. The kind that has that smooth, silicone feel which allows for super smooth application. Also, there was something really satisfying about having a rubberized scoop of dessert to hold while applying the product!

I actually quite liked all of the shades and found them all fairly easy to wear especially the gradient lip way which dialed down brighter shades like "Sweet Watermelon" and "Raspberry Limoncello".

Lavender Honey

Raspberry Limoncello

Sweet Watermelon

Honey Clementine

Chocolate Cherry

Note that in all my swatches I applied the bulk of the colour to the center of my lip and then blended out with my finger.

Final verdict: I can't argue with the pigmentation and longevity of these lip tints as I needed oil-based eye makeup remover plus a little bit of a lip scrub to fully remove all of the colour at the end of a 10 hour work day. My only gripe is that as light as these tints feel on the lips, they did start to feel drying 2-3 hours in and I could only resist lip balm until about the 6 hour mark where I just felt like I needed to moisturize. The packaging is obviously very cute and is probably swaying me in my decision a little, but as someone who wears a lot of matte finish lip products these aren't the most comfortable to wear in the long run so I would say pick these up solely for the cuteness factor and for the colour payoff.

You can find the  Avon One More Scoop Gelato Tints at or through your local Avon Representative.

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