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This post is essentially nail porn as it has been a long time since I have discovered a new nail polish brand and a new nail polish store to shop from that is based in Canada! Indie polishes have come a long way from when I first started this little blog and though I pulled away from indie polishes once I started moving more into skincare, my love for them has been recently renewed while going through my stash. After reading a haul post on Renee's blog featuring some products from Ottawa-based NailStuff, I went to the website to peruse specifically thermal polishes. Lo and behold, there were A LOT with one brand in particular making some polishes with dramatic colour changes - Cadillacquer!

Cadillacquer Eivor (Thermal) Nail Polish
Purchased by me

Made in Switzerland, these thermal polishes aren't cheap at $19 CDN each, but I loved these shades so much that I bought SIX! I will have to be sure to use them as thermal pigments don't last forever so eventually the transition will be progressively more subtle until non-existent. I generally keep my thermal polishes in their boxes and in a drawer to minimize their exposure to light. 

Cadillacquer Eivor (Thermal) Nail Polish Swatch

Eivor is a smoky purple (cold) to bright lime green (hot) thermal polish with orange/red flakies. I have two coats shown here with top coat and was a breeze to apply. I am SO looking forward to trying the other five polishes I picked up! Yes, I may have indulged a little, but I figured that now that I am saving more and spending less on beauty, I can get some fun polishes while supporting a Canadian business!

Cadillacquer Eivor (Thermal) Nail Polish Swatch

Cadillacquer Eivor (Thermal) Nail Polish Swatch

The transition is AMAZING. I mean, wow. I have never seen anything quite like this so huge round of applause to Madeline of Cadillacquer for creating this beauty! 

Cadillacquer Eivor (Thermal) Nail Polish Swatch

Wearing thermal polish is like having a mood ring because people can always tell how you are feeling and what I love about having long nails is being able to show off both colours!

Cadillacquer Eivor (Thermal) Nail Polish Swatch

If you feel like splurging on a cool nail polish give Cadillacquer a try and head on over to! Shipping was fast and I even had a little hand-written note inside my package! Highly recommended!

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