NAILS | Biosculpture Lake Louise and Spectrolite #CBBxManiMonday

Biosculpture Lake Louise and SpectrolitePress samples 

It has been a busy last few weeks and now for the month of November, I have a number of social engagements related to my job as my title will be changing a bit in a few weeks. It's a good thing, but being naturally introverted, I know that my energy levels will be very delicate after back to back events and "schmoozing". I hope I can survive and I will try to take as many "mental health" days as possible. Then I feel that especially for those of us who work in the retail world, from November to the end of the year, it's just go go go. I will welcome a quiet January 2023 with open arms! 

Biosculpture Lake Louise and Spectrolite

This week's manicure is super simple thanks to my schedule, but I have been so looking forward to wearing these new shades from the Fall 2022 collection from Biosculpture. That gorgeous dark blue is "Lake Louise" and is opaque in one coat and the practically one coat sparkler is "Spectrolite". Both shades are meant to represent the Canadian landscape. While I was grateful for how dense the sparkle was for Spectrolite, I could tell right away that this shade would dry out very soon as there was not a lot of liquid as a base...I better enjoy this shade while I can! It also chipped more easily than its creme counterparts for the same reason.

Biosculpture Lake Louise and Spectrolite

Happy Monday everyone and be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blogs for their manicures this week!

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