NAILS | OPI Infinite Shine Clean Slate Swatch and Midweek Catch Up

OPI Infinite Shine Clean Slate Swatch
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I felt like October was the longest month ever. I feel like a lot happened last month. I finally got my hair done which is always a bit of a production as I do my balayage once a year with my favourite Civello stylist, but he is a 45 minute drive from where I live so not exactly the closest. It's also what I call a very "active" drive meaning that there is no highway involved and I am forced to go through downtown where there is currently no shortage of construction and detours. I generally don't enjoy driving so I always have to mentally prepare for our 4 hour sessions knowing that after sitting in a car for an hour, I will be sitting again. 

We had also started actively looking for a kitty friend for Harper, but the right cat hadn't become available yet. Then on October 11th, VOKRA emailed me with a biography for a 2 year old male cat named Brandt (we renamed him Huxley after Aldous Huxley to keep with our author H names) who might be a good match. He looked very cute and a lot like Hugo with his tabby markings so we agreed to view him later that week. He was VERY shy and living in an apartment with another foster cat who was male and very dominant over him to the point that Hux was forced to live in the bedroom as the two of them were marking territorially. I was a bit scared of this happening in our place so at this moment, Hux is still not allowed in our bedroom and Harper sleeps with us at night so they are separated still. We took Huxley home with us on October 15th and it has been quite the introduction journey since that time. He was and still is very vocal and will meow for everything. He doesn't have the nicest meow so it can get grating, but I've found that if I ignore him, he eventually settles down or Harper tells him to shush. For the first week, I really thought it wasn't going to work out and I was going to have to surrender him since Harper was so resistant to him. It made me so sad and if that had actually happened, I think I would have given up on finding a buddy for Harper as I think she maybe only wanted our sweet Hugobear.

OPI Infinite Shine Clean Slate Swatch

Harper has been very hissy with him and now that Hux is more confident, we realize just how much energy he has ALL THE TIME which can be a little much for Harper. She is fairly playful herself at just 4 years old, but Hux is a whole other level and he will full on charge at her which makes her upset. I have also seen him take a swipe at her bum and run away so whether it's playfulness or hostility, I am not sure, but we are observing and hoping that things only continue to improve over time. 

I can't say goodbye without mentioning this nail polish shade so while I don't normally wear somewhat pearly shades like this, this moody dark grey was actually quite chic to wear on its own. As always, OPI Infinite Shine polishes apply beautifully and Clean Slate was no exception! 

It is snowing right now where I am in Vancouver so I guess the Holiday season truly is upon us now! Have a great rest of the week everyone! 

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