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Stoic Beauty Valentine's Day Bundle 

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I have only ever celebrated one Valentine's Day on the day itself and that was when my husband and I first started dating back in 2006. I baked some heart-shaped sugar cookies and iced them with an Argyle sweater pattern (he was really into Argyle sweaters back then). We then went to IKEA to get some cheap furniture and ended the "date" with a Swedish meatball dinner at the IKEA cafeteria because you can't go to IKEA without having these delicious pieces of heaven! After 2006, if we did happen to celebrate Valentine's Day, it was on February 15th and after because I think it's so ridiculous how much more expensive flowers are and how much busier restaurants are. So, here we are two days after the infamous day of love talking about Stoic Beauty's LoveTO Valentine's Bundle!

The LoveTO bundle celebrates local Toronto businesses: Stoic Beauty, Steven Tran Chocolates and Apothegeri with a collection of products perfect for self-care or care for a loved one while supporting local businesses in Parkdale, The Junction and Fort York.

Stoic Beauty Agape Mini Body Butter
Stoic Beauty Valentine's Day Bundle

This is an incredibly sumptuous ultra-rich formula made with Baraka Shea Butter, a fair trade supplier of shea and cocoa butter with local women in Ghana, honestly smells like dessert! With its faint cocoa butter scent, this thick body butter absorbs surprisingly quickly into the skin and can keep skin hydrated for up to 48 hours. I haven't tested that out, but I can say that the hydration does last well over night and into the following day.

Ousia Bath and Body Oil
Stoic Beauty Valentine's Day Bundle

The Ousia body oil features rose geranium butter which is used for stress relief and macadamia nut oil which is rich in essential fatty acids and 22% palmitoleic acid with the latter being something that our skin gradually loses with age. This oil can be added to a bath or applied directly to the skin which is what I prefer doing. It is non-greasy and absorbs nicely into the skin, but I find that having my skin damp works a bit better.

Steven Tran Strawberries 'n Cream Chocolate
Stoic Beauty Valentine's Day Bundle

Well, I devoured this pretty when the package arrived! I don't always like white chocolate as it can be overly sweet, but when it's done artisanally it is delicious! The dried strawberries were perfect and I would hands-down buy this (and more!) chocolate on my own!

Apothegeri (A.P.G) Sexy Time Candle 
Stoic Beauty Valentine's Day Bundle

I am very bad because I forgot to take a photo of this candle before lighting it because when I opened it, it smelled SO GOOD that I wanted the apartment to smell like it! The Sexy Time soy candle is scented with ylang ylang, clary sage, jasmine and sandalwood and while that sounds like a heady combination, it is surprisingly light and comforting. I have it lit as I type and my husband just came over and said the living room smelled good! A.P.G has some other interesting scents like "Bubble Tea" and "Morning Pancakes" that I would love to try once I get through my massive candle stash! 

The Stoic Beauty LoveTO Valentine's Bundle is available now at!

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