NAILS | OPI Nature Strong "A Clay in the Life" Swatch #MidWeekMani

OPI Nature Strong A Clay in the Life Swatch

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As I write this, my husband just had a Zoom presentation with some colleagues from New Zealand so that meant 9-11pm for us which means he is pretty wired. I, on the other hand, am desperately trying to wind down as I have Inventory today (by the time this posts) and tomorrow so I want to be as well-rested as possible. I feel like I have done Inventory 100x now, but I feel like it never gets any easier because you KNOW it's going to be a long day no matter how much energy you conserve. We do start our Inventory after we close so you could legitimately have a busy day and not really be able to do anything about it because it is retail after all! My night will probably end after a 12 hour day and I will, as usual, feel like throwing up only to have to be at work less than 10 hours later. I cannot WAIT for my upcoming Sun/Mon off lemme tell ya! 

The stress level at work has become much more manageable now as we are at full power again which leaves me with time to actually tick some items off what felt like a never-ending to do list. I have still be feeling kind of all over the place in terms of goals, but I am just grateful that the tightness in my chest has mostly disappeared. February has just flown by for me because I was merely just trying to survive the first two weeks and also realized that it might be good to do a weekly therapy session so I have been looking into a therapist I can see virtually. I feel more comfortable doing it now that I have an actual health plan as before I was paying for everything out of pocket. My work does have one, but it's pretty expensive to opt into considering how little I would use it, but I am on my husband's now and it's way better coverage.

OPI Nature Strong A Clay in the Life Swatch

Anyway, I am cheating a little bit here and dipping into my nail swatch stash as my nails are a very different shape now, but the name of this polish always cracks me up! It's a great base polish for nail art and needs 3 coats to be comfortably opaque so I am sure you will see this shade again, but most likely not on its own!

Well, wish me luck tonight and tomorrow morning and thank goodness for a short week!

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