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NAILS | Chrome Half Moon Gel Manicure #ManiMonday

It was a REALLY long work week for me so I apologize for pretty much just showing you my claws instead of anything else all of last week. Then I broke a nail on my photo hand, but thankfully I went so crazy with gel polish nail art experimentation this month that I have this super cool chrome half moon manicure to share with you until my index nail grows back! 

Chrome Half Moon Gel Polish Nail Art

As you have noticed, I am freakin' in love with J & S Nails Gel Polish. Wild dogs cannot tear me away from this brand now and I am just head over heels in love! I have been working with J & S Nails for the last few months to experiment with gel polish and what is possible in terms of nail art and lemme tell ya, gel polish is so different than regular polish because it never dries. Intricate designs are not really possible with gel polish because of its high viscosity and I always have to remember that if I am swirling a design to FLASH CURE the nail for about 10 seconds or else the design will literally continue to swirl long after I am done with the nail!

For today's nail art, I decided to use J & S Nails in J1Blue*, a dark navy blue and J & S Nails in J6P*, a hot pink. After curing two coats of each shade, I applied a no wipe top coat and then stuck on those 3-hole reinforcement stickers at the base of each nail. Using the silver chrome pigment from Born Pretty (review) and a sponge eyeshadow applicator, I applied the pigment in downward motions taking care not to disturb the sticker. You want as crisp a line as possible so you don't want to be pushing pigment upwards and possibly dislodging the sticker. Once you have the shine you desire, peel off the stickers, apply a gel top coat and cure!

Chrome Half Moon Gel Polish Nail Art

Chrome Half Moon Gel Polish Nail Art

Have you tried nail art with gel polish before? What designs have you tried? 

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