NAILS | Shel Silverstein "The Missing Piece" Nail Art #ManiMonday

Let me start by saying this is NOT my design, but that of Sarah from Chalkboard Nails! Ever since seeing in 4 years ago, I knew that at some point in my nail art hobby life I would have to pay tribute to one of my favourite childhood authors. My teachers used to read from Shel Silverstein's books all the time and though they were funny and rhymed, once you get older you realize that these poems definitely had MULTIPLE layers. I purchased the books in university and would refer to them when I needed a little spot of wisdom or just a friendly reminder that things were going to be just fine. 

Shel Silverstein "The Missing Piece" Nail Art

Though my favourite Shel Silverstein poem was "If I Were One Inch Tall...", "The Missing Piece" is a close second as it is a surprisingly adult story explained in a seemingly simple way. The little circle ("Big O") goes on a journey to find his missing piece and has quite a number of adventures along the way (meeting worms, smelling flowers) while singing his little song. The first piece that fit refused to be someone's property and the other pieces were either too big or too small. Big O did find two pieces that fit, but one he didn't hang onto hard enough and the other he hung onto so tightly that it shattered. Finally, he finds "the one" and he is so happy that he rolls through life so quickly that he no longer has adventures. He also cannot sing anymore because he does not have a mouth! He soon realizes that this missing piece has taken away so much of his happiness that he decides to let it go. You can take that story and mold it however you see fit, but it was oddly touching.

This was a fairly basic manicure in that there was only one colour used: Illamasqua -Load (yes, this is a VERY sexual polish name especially once you see the colour!). The design itself was done using a fine nail art brush and black acrylic paint. I then sealed everything in with top coat and was off to watch the series premiere of "Riverdale" on Netflix!

Shel Silverstein "The Missing Piece" Nail Art

Did your teachers read you Shel Silverstein in class? Who were your favourite childhood authors?

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