SKINCARE | Surviving Winter Stress (and Donald Trump) with Odacite Facial Serums

Well, well Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! Like everyone else, I will say that yes 2016 went by very quickly and thank goodness for my "achievement jar" or I would never have remembered a number of things that happened last year! I seem to have some sort of mental block prior to May and often use this very blog as a diary of sorts to pinpoint what I was up to! Though I was really tired for most of the year, most of the negativity from the year emanated from work and has been remedied in the recent months by the exiting of bitchy behaviour and strengthening moral support by co-workers. Now, I'm just scared of Trump and what 2017 will look like, but at least my skin will survive! 

Odacite Facial Serum Review

I have not talked about Odacite on Cosmetic Proof in over a year, but I have featured a number of their products on my social media as I am in LOVE with their Facial Serums and Oleosome Time Release Delivery Creme. They are one of my favourite green beauty brands for both their efficacy and simplicity. You have probably heard beauty bloggers say "I LOVE (insert product name)" a thousand times that it probably sounds like marketing jargon at this point, but I have been steadily repurchasing Odacite products ever since I was introduced to them in 2015 and using EVERY LAST DROP. Do you know what I purchased on Black Friday? The Acai Rose Serum Concentrate because I am on my THIRD bottle. So yeah, we need to talk about Odacite because I am not letting this brand out of my life!

Odacite Facial Serum Review

Above are just five of 18 Odacite Facial Serums with each one targeted for a specific skin concern. You can combine them in one session or use one in the day and one at night. These facial oils are no joke as you only need 2-3 drops mixed in with your moisturizer to see results. They are extremely concentrated with each serum containing various fruit, flower, gum or wood oils and essential oils to remedy skin at the source. You will not find any siliconesque fillers here!

Odacite Facial Serum Review

It's obvious that the Acai Rose Serum Concentrate* (5mL/$67.00 CDN) is my favourite and before you start to balk at the price, 5mL lasts me about 5-6 months if I use 2 drops at night. Not only does this serum give my skin the youthful glow it promises, but a boost of hydration and unbelievable suppleness. 

If you like the Acai Rose, the Wild Carrot Serum Concentrate 
(5mL/$67.00 CDN) is its buddy with this oil containing solely wild carrot seed oil and vitamin E oil. This gives my skin a glow like nobody's business and will have people asking you if you just had a facial! It also has a subtle, sweet scent.

Here is where we start to get into more targeted skincare concerns with the Apricot-Palmarosa Serum Concentrate* (5mL/$49.00 CDN) for fragile capillaries. I have broken capillaries all over my cheeks making my skin look uneven and inflamed. This is one serum I have not tried yet as it was recently sent to me, but this was exactly the kind of treatment I was looking for. Apricot oil improves microcirculation and strengthens capillary walls while palmarosa oil helps to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries. I look forward to seeing how this serum works!

The Passionfruit Orange Serum Concentrate (5mL/$49.00 CDN) is seriously great for any skin type with cold-pressed virgin passionfruit oil being high in Vitamin A and C content. This oil is fantastic for dull skin in the winter and not only smells happy and citrusey thanks to sweet orange oil, but also gives skin a bit of a bounce!

The Passionfruit Orange serum pairs beautifully with the Green Tea Lemongrass Serum Concentrate* (5mL/$49.00 CDN) as this serum is all about radiance. Can you tell that I like to look radiant all the time? This also has a bit of anti-aging in it with tea seed oil being high in antioxidants. Lemongrass oil tightens skin and also has wonderful aromatherapy properties because of that *zing* in citrus! 

Odacite Facial Serum Review

The Ultimate Skin Remedy Try Me Kit* I have above is a little different than the one being sold currently, but this is for someone that wants to try a couple of different serums without investing in a full size just yet. As these serums are intended to be mixed with your favourite moisturizer or "supercharge" what you are using currently, there is also a 5mL sample of the Oleosome Time Release Delivery Cream which is in my top 5 moisturizers. Oleosomes release moisture over time so that you stay hydrated all day without feeling greasy. For this reason, I adore any products really with oleosomes in them. I think they are such a genius cosmetic discovery! I am currently scooping out the last of this moisturizer with a spatula and have a second bottle ready to go!

2017 is going to be an interesting one and though I am fairly relaxed with resolutions, one of the things I have been working on is using only awesome skincare. I'm sure I'm still going to want to try the latest and most hyped up Hollywood product, but brands like Odacite will always be what I fall back on. Happy New Year everyone!

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