November Glymm Box!

OMG, after being teased and titillated by Canada Post saying that my Glymm box would be here on Nov.18th, it was finally delivered today by the mail man in a completely nonchalant manner at my work. Could he not tell by the pink box marked "FRAGILE" that there was something amazing in there?! And the worst part was, I couldn't even open it for a couple of hours because I had clients to work with so the box just sat there! When the time finally came to open it, I admit after seeing what everyone else had gotten, I was just hoping for a nail polish and smudge paint in a colour I would wear and I was not disappointed! Anyway, onward with the unboxing!

I actually took these at work!

Better view of Annabelle Smudge Paint

The cap hides a really cute applicator brush that you flip around and attach to the cap

The actual size of the Orlane Light Smoothing Cream
The products I received were:

Lise Watier - Flash Lift Radiance Vial (full size $27 for 7 vials)
Rahua - Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner (full size $32 and $34)
Orlane Paris - Light Smoothing Cream (full size $80)
RGB - Designer Nail Lacquer (full size $18)
Annabelle - Smudge Paint (full size $10.95)

And as a bonus, $10 off any purchase at Browns Shoes online

So, for those of us who received an October Luxe Box, the Lise Watier product wasn't too much of a surprise, but hey, at this rate we all might actually get 7 vials of the stuff if we get product repeats! Never tried Rahua products before, but hey if I can have Gwyneth Paltrow's hair, then why not. I did try a little bit of the Orlane cream and it did leave my skin feeling quite soft and smooth so I'll see how it compares to my Clarins Multiactive Day Cream over the next little while. I was most excited about the RGB nail lacquer and Annabelle Smudge Paint since I'd heard such great things about them and hadn't tried either before. 

So, all in all, thanks Glymm for another GREAT box! With two full-size products that more than pay for our $10/month subscription I was very pleased and I can't wait until December!

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