China Glaze and OPI Christmas Nail Polish Haul

Ooooh, it's Christmas polish time! Where every nail polish just screams glitter! I personally really love glitter (until I have to practically scrub it off when it's time to remove it...grrr) and I'd been stalking my local beauty supply store for Christmas polishes from CG and OPI pretty much since when they finally arrived, you can guess what happened! 

The thing with the CG Christmas sets was that I wanted one or two polishes from EACH set, so in the end I just got one mini gift set and singles of  Tinsel Town (chunky silver glitter) and Blue Year's Eve (a glorious royal sapphire blue). What I love about CG minis is that they actually contain a good amount of nail polish in them and especially when it's a seasonal colour, you KNOW you're not really going to go through a whole bottle of a polish like "Twinkle Lights"...

China Glaze's Santa's Little Helpers gift set
The coveted Muppets collection from OPI is another collection that has been quite popular, but incredibly enough, I found almost all of this collection's polishes TOO glittery for me with the exception of Warm and Fozzie which is a really fantastic bronze. 

I wish I had swatches for you, but I can't seem to wear the nail polishes as fast as I can buy them! I DEFINITELY need a nail wheel...

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