Review: Perfect Formula Strong Nail Treatment Set

A few weeks back, one of my girlfriends let me know that The Shopping Channel was having a showstopper special on the Perfect Formula Strong Nail Treatment Set for $29.50 (normally $45.00). My nails have always been somewhat prone to splitting and/or peeling which is why I always like having on a coat of nail polish to "protect" them. It seems questionable to think that applying chemicals to a bare nail makes them feel "healthier", but they really do feel that way! I had never heard of Perfect Formula, but after reading a couple of reviews, the general consensus was that people felt that their nails were stronger and less brittle after using Perfect Formula. What I was really interested in was the Pink Gel Coat which is Perfect Formula's #1 selling product that is meant to strengthen and brighten the look of your nails. Included is also a thick, protein-rich Strong Nail Strengthening Therapy that strengthens and moisturizes and finally a bottle of Daily Moisturizer that keeps nails from getting brittle.

Close-up of ingredients that look pretty potent!
To be honest, I didn't think this product would work on my nails and was just planning on using the Pink Gel Coat on days when I didn't have time to paint my nails because it gives the nails a nice pink blush. When I did paint my nails, I would apply one coat of the Strong Nail Therapy followed by one coat of the Pink Gel Coat which would act as a base coat. 

Over the weeks, I actually have seen results! My left hand stopped peeling after about 2 weeks and the my right hand only had one nail peeling which is was a pleasant surprise. The ONLY thing I'm not a fan of is the strong chemical scent of the Strong Nail Therapy and Pink Gel Coat...the Daily Moisturizer is essentially a cuticle oil that has been a great go-to product now that winter is here :-) Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and religiously use Perfect Formula whenever I change my nail colour and would recommend any of the three products in this set, the Pink Gel Coat in particular! It's just nice to have something other than clear nail polish to give your nails that extra hint of healthiness!

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