Review: Lise Watier Gloss Festive

One thing I love about Christmas makeup is that it feeds right into my love for glitter. Oftentimes, people will point out a random speck of glitter that will be on my face or hair when I haven't used a glitter product for makes me wonder whether I am now PRODUCING the glitter?? 

This latest lip gloss that I've picked up from Lise Watier is a perfect example of a festive glitter gloss which I could totally see myself using in the summer as part of the "bronzed goddess" look. First of all, I really liked the packaging with its gold and black lace trim. Gave it a bit of a masquerade ball feel! More importantly, this gloss is CHOCK FULL of glittery goodness!! I think I actually said,"WOW" aloud while I was doing swatches! The gloss base is a honey-gold colour containing gold and silver glitter. It also has a very sweet scent that I can only attribute to vanilla most likely? 


More glitter!
I have always been a fan of Lise Watier products and their Gloss Festive is no exception. The glitter to gloss ratio is perfect and is concentrated enough to wear on bare lips and as a great way to glam up any colour of lipstick. This is a GREAT gloss that will definitely see you through the holiday season and more so pick one up while you can!

Lise Watier Gloss Festive Gold - $20

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