Makeup Pick Monday!

I have been absolutely in love with Lise Watier's liquid eyeliner for the last few weeks and I just thought I'd share why I think it's so awesome :-)

This was my very first liquid eyeliner ever and I tried it for the very first time about four years ago. Pencil eyeliner is great too, but liquid eyeliner really is the best when it comes to a line that doesn't budge all day as well as in humid or just really "sticky" conditions. As someone who'd never held something so fine before near her eye, I found that I needed some practice using this product. There were DEFINITELY mornings when I left the house with one eye being lined at a different height than the other! 

The brush was so fine, I couldn't get my ghetto camera to focus!
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I've tried a number of different liquid eyeliners and so far this is my favourite because of the extremely thin or thick lines I can draw. I admit that sometimes I feel more control when I have a pen liner, but with the LW liner I feel like the formula bleeds less and has more of a "paint-like" consistency that lasts me the 8 - 10 hours that I'm at work. By the end of the day, my eyes are still definitively lined and look just as fresh as when I applied the product that morning! 

All in all, this product could never be in my Project 10 Pan because I find it essential to always have in my makeup collection and if you want an ultra thin eyeliner, this is the one to have! It just might take a little bit of practice to use!

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