Review: Cake - "It's a Slice" Creamy Shower Polish

In addition to their yummy-smelling and paraben-free products, another big reason I love Cake is that they are proudly Canadian with all of their products being made locally in Ontario (also, their partnership with Strawberry Shortcake also helps a little!). 

I picked up this body polish during their last 40% off online sale and fell in love the first time I smelled it! I LOVE the scent of orange and vanilla so I knew that I would like it based on the description, but it really didn't prepare me for how amazing the scent really was! It wasn't an artificial or "processed" scent, but one that actually got me thinking of freshly-sliced oranges and vanilla ice cream. The scent was absolutely mouth-watering!

As for the texture, it was a great scrub that left my skin feeling fresh and moisturized thanks to the jojoba beads and shea butter both of which are naturally-derived. Jojoba is particularly good because its chemical composition is similar to human sebum and shea butter, well, it's edible and found in chocolate. Need I say more?

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