Hey Babe, Love That Smile!

I have been wanting to whiten my teeth for a few years now, but after trying a few different options, I haven't been good about religiously sticking to anything for more than a few days. I really hate the strips because of the taste so when I found this whitening pen by Love That White Smile (LTWS) it seemed worth a try. I won't lie, the shiny pink packaging with the heart may have also appealed to the consumer in me ;-)

LTWS is supposed to be a revolutionary new foam system of whitening that doesn't make your teeth sensitive, is less abrasive and has a formula that uses less than 1% hydrogen peroxide. You just put the foam on your toothbrush and brush your way to whiter teeth! It's safe enough for even pregnant women to use which is saying something! The whitening pen that I got is meant to be used "on-the-go", tucked away in my purse, to be used after meals or to freshen up. The "foam" is actually more of a clear gel that you twist out of the pen and is safe to swallow and even double as a bit of a breath mint.  

So, you can see that the whitening pen has a little brush which allows you to just "paint" your pearly whites and you're done! It was super easy to use and it didn't taste that bad, not as minty as I would have liked, but tolerable. I don't know if I would really rely on this pen to act as a replacement breath mint as the taste disappeared within a few minutes...I guess in terms of results, it's a work in progress since I'll need more than a few days to see a difference. I also think that I might need to use this pen in conjunction with Love That Smile's main whitening system and think of the pen as more of a maintenance tool.

Overall, I have my fingers crossed that this works even a little because I'd rather not pay $400 at the dentist for the trays...this pen was $10 and the main whitening foam system is $30 for a month's supply which is really not bad at all! I'll report back with the results in a few weeks!

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