Stila Lip Gloss Trio

It was 20x the points at Shoppers Drug Mart a week or two ago and I was so excited when I saw this amazing lip gloss trio for only $16! I didn't think I would use all three of these colours as much as I've been, but they really are great! I normally wear both lipstick AND lip gloss because I usually find lip gloss alone to be too watery for colour, but I was pleasantly surprised when all three of these colours had staying power and were quite pigmented when applied.

Lip Gloss Trio in Cool
Also available in Warm

From L - R: Seashell, Grapefruit and Raisin



Raisin - my favourite out of the bunch!

Overall, I have been really enjoying all three colours which almost never happens whenever I get  a bunch of different colours since there is always a colour or two that I tend to ignore. Application is precise because the brush lets you line your lips first before filling them in and the gloss isn't too tacky or sticky-feeling. Oh and these trios are also a great stocking stuffer, for those of you who are already thinking that far ahead! Crazy! Christmas thought already!


  1. You know... I always have a problem with brush-type lip gloss application... U just can't get enough on on the lips to make the colour look significant, and takes too long compared to the traditional tubes imho xD

  2. It's true, you do have to pump out quite a lot of gloss to give you enough colour. The Stila ones are just better than most. I agree that lipstick is still the best for intense colour.