Gosh–Holographic Hero! SCORE!

I was definitely one of the guilty ones who rushed out to Shopper Drug Mart to raid the latest GOSH display for the limited edition of Holographic Hero! There were two bottles left, so I just grabbed one so that another lucky gal could have her chance at this little holographic beauty!

From the comparison swatches I have seen, the formula of Holographic Hero is not quite the same as the coveted one from a few years ago. The previous release of this polish looked quite a bit more holo in pictures, but I am more than happy with this one! What I have here is two coats with the first coat being the most challenging to apply as I experienced balding if I didn’t have enough polish on the brush. As long as I made sure the second coat was nice and thick, the polish spread out nicely.





Anyone else racing out to Shoppers to grab this holo beauty?


  1. So jealous! This is a gorgeous holo!! :)

  2. ooohhh pretty! I hope I'll see this when I go to the mall tomorrow!

  3. oh my! i did not hear of this!!! i will definitely be hitting up a shoppers today!

  4. I'm wearing this right now as an accent, Chris keeps telling me I should have used it on all fingers because "it's too pretty to only have on 2 fingers" :-P

    1. LOL, you should listen to Chris. He sounds wise ;-)

  5. Replies
    1. I love how opaque it is. It actually kind of surprised me!