MAKEUP | Cougar Beauty 24HR Liquid Lipstick in Rioja and Mulberry Review with Swatches

Cougar Beauty is a new-to-me brand from the UK with a number of makeup, skincare, hair and teeth whitening products. I used to follow UK cosmetics quite closely when I first started blogging and I really don't know why I stopped. The UK pumps out some amazing products so I am getting back on the British bandwagon with these Cougar Beauty 24HR Liquid Lipsticks!

Cougar Beauty 24HR Liquid Lipstick Review

Coming in 5 matte bold shades, the 24HR Liquid Lipsticks claim to be fast-drying, non-smudging while providing full coverage and hydration. I was sent the shades Mulberry* (£6.99 approx. $11.50 CDN), a mauve-plum shade, and Rioja*, a gorgeous bright red. What I liked about the formula was that it was light enough to be layerable without looking like chunks of my lips were falling off unlike the darker shades of the NYX Lip Suedes...Oh, and these also smell REALLY yummy. Like one of those fruity Japanese sodas!

Cougar Beauty 24HR Liquid Lipstick Review

Packaging is fairly standard with a doe foot applicator in a plastic tube. I wish the lipstick colours were on the tubes instead of just on the cardboard boxes the lipsticks came in because you never know when someone might want to know what you're wearing!

Once dry, the formula really DOES NOT MOVE! Only if you eat something greasy will the colour start to break apart so you will need oil to remove this from your lips completely. If you use just micellar water, you will be scrubbing fairly hard. The instructions on the box say to rinse this lipstick off with soap and water, but if you ask me, I really don't feel like the thought of soaping up my lips with hand or dish soap. Just use an oil cleanser and your lips will thank you!

Cougar Beauty 24HR Liquid Lipstick Review


Final verdict: Matte lipsticks are not novel this far into the beauty game, but these two shades really killed it on longevity. I tested Mulberry on a work day because I had a turtleneck that was the same colour and I was actually scared that it would start to flake and look terrible by the end of the day, but it really held up! Around the 10 hour mark, I could see the colour starting to wear at the corners of my mouth and the inside of my lips, but even my husband commented that the colour still looked vibrant and solid. High praise from the hubby! My only real gripe about this lipstick was that the formula was classically drying. It wasn't as dry as some other liquid lipsticks I have tried where you are craving gloss the minute it dries, but the claim of hydration is totally untrue. Then again, hydration and long-lasting lipstick formulas seem to be mutually exclusive so I'm not too fussed.

For my first experience with Cougar Beauty, I'm not crazy blown away, but I am satisfied. Quality was right up there with liquid lipsticks I have used that are double the price and I wouldn't mind more of these liquid lipsticks! Cougar Beauty does ship to Canada, but for around $20 CDN which is quite a lot so I would definitely order enough to make the shipping count!

The 24HR Liquid Lipsticks are available through as well as the following stockists (here).

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