NAILS | The Bright Matte Green Dotticure

The theme for the CBB this month is "Grey" which I will sneak in at some point with either nails or makeup, but March is also when St.Patrick's Day happens and when else am I going to find an excuse to use all of my green polishes?!

As you know, I have been working with Duri Cosmetics the last few months to bring you some nail art that has been a blast to create since zoning out with nail polish is my happy place. God help me if something were to happen to my painting hand. I should insure it like Taylor Swift does her legs! Anyway, Duri has given me plenty of artistic freedom and more importantly TIME to play with their polishes and come up with designs. They have a ton of colours in their inventory and when I said that green was going to be coming up for March, they graciously sent the loudest and brightest green polishes they had!

For my base, I started off with two coats of Duri Black Caviar* and then using my large dotting tool, dotted on 3-4 large dots in the middle of the nail using Duri Memphis Mint*. The smaller dots were done with Duri NYC Apple Envy*. Both of these greens are neons and would actually look more intense on top of white polish which is why I actually had to re-dot as the first round of dotting had these greens looking a little flat. I rarely use matte top coat, but I felt like a bit of a change and mattified everything though a glossy top coat would have really brought out the brightness of the green polishes!

Duri Cosmetics is available at these locations.

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