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By the time this post goes up, I will be on flight to sunny, I mean snowy Montreal! Flying is hard for me as I get incredibly anxious whenever I have to travel so I tend to anticipate every possible need I may have including items for surviving the flight itself. I have MANY essentials, but have narrowed it down to a mere 13 items just to make this a post instead of a novel! 

Travel Essentials NARS Saje COLAB Honest Company Sephora Foreo Odacite

I despise checking bags so I really do try to pack as lightly as possible and one thing that I have been incredibly grateful for are travel sized makeup brushes like this I'm Not Perfect, But My Eyeliner Is Brush Capsule* from the SEPHORA Collection. Inside are five brushes for shadow, smudging, angled liner and cream shadow. I have reviewed a similar set before in a different colour and I still think this is so convenient for travel.

Travel Essentials Sephora

I just started using these NARS Sheer Pop Multiples* in the shades Motu Tane and Cote Basque and as you may have guessed they are a 2-in-1 product for lip and cheeks. Though I love the weightlessness of these I tend to use them more for cheeks than I do lips because they aren't the most hydrating, but in a pinch I dab a little bit of colour on my lips and then add gloss.

Travel Essentials NARS

Ever since the TSA introduced limitations on liquids, I think we all hoard 100mL containers like nobody's business and for me it has gotten to the point where I want containers that LOOK pretty like these pink ones from Avon. These are perfect for my special blue hair shampoo! For those of you with coloured hair, washing your hair every day is not recommended so I need me some dry shampoo! I have used so many, but the COLAB Volume Extreme (review) is still my favourite because it gives me SO MUCH volume at the roots. And when your hair just doesn't look good down anymore? Hair Slinky to the rescue! These actually hold up a high ponytail without leaving dents in your hair and have since replaced my traditional hair ties. They also keep their shape unlike hair ties that eventually stretch out. Just pop them in hot water and they spring right back!   

Travel Essentials COLAB Avon Hair Slinky

In addition to knocking myself out with Gravol, I like to take my Tata Harper Aromatic Treatment as well as the Saje Pocket Pharmacy* just to relax me pre-flight. I roll the oil on my palms and inhale. If I have a headache, I will roll on Peppermint Halo all over my neck, temples and underneath my nose and just let the mintyness do its thing. I try not to use these on the plane itself as essential oils can smell quite strongly and the last thing I want to do is piss off the person next to me. The Tata Harper Treatment is especially strong with 5mL already lasting me almost 2 years because you need only a drop! The next thing I always have in my purse is hand sanitizer with my favourite ones being the Hand Sanitizer Sprays from The Honest Company. The spray is very fine and the scent amazing!

Travel Essentials Saje Tata Harper Honest Company

We cannot forget about skincare! Now, as much as I would like to go crazy with bringing my masks, serums, oils and essences it just isn't realistic when traveling which is why I just take the Odacite Try Me Kit which has a moisturizer and serums that double as facial oils. There is also an oil just for the eyes so I don't even need to bring eye cream! Speaking of eyes, traveling can be rough on the skin and sometimes I find my undereye area in need of some extra TLC which is why I always bring a pack of the MaskerAide All Eyes On Me Hydrating Eye Gel Patches. They immediately make me feel better after a flight and give my skin a much needed *perk*.

My Luna Mini 2 is also a great little companion as I don't have to charge her at all while I am away and is so much easier to travel with than my Clarisonic Mia 2 (I still love you...). Though this isn't necessarily skincare, Skindinavia is my most favourite setting spray because it honestly feels like you are being misted by the breath of God when you spray this stuff on so when I realized I could get travel versions of it I loaded up! The Makeup Finishing Spray is a fine mist, but really locks your makeup in for the day.

There you have my travel favourites! Are there some of you who get anxious while flying too? What are some of your tips and tricks to make it through long flights?

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