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I had planned on so much blog content for this month as I had vacation time scheduled the last two weeks of this month, but then came COVID-19 and me being called back into work to hold down the fort so it looks like this month is going to be a weird one for everyone. Now, don't think me insensitive for NOT talking about what's going on in the world, but I don't think I want to read more about COVID-19 than I should. I get my daily dose from Dr. Bonnie Henry and will continue to do my best to stay at home when not at work and get from Point A to B with as little extraneous contact as possible, but we all need a bit of a break sometimes so for the next few minutes, we are going to think about our hair!

 The only product I have purchased is the OLAPLEX

I use a lot of hair masks not because I like to treat myself, but because my hair will scream bloody murder at me if I don't! I think for colour-treated hair, hair masking makes a world of difference as bleaching and lifting colour takes a toll on the hair and there was a time where I accepted that I might have to emerge from the salon sporting a short bob or going bald to repair some of the damage! I have hair masks on constant rotation so here are five that I have been using that may or may not have worked for me!

John Masters Organics Hair Mask for Normal Hair with Rose & Apricot*

Made with organic rose water, apricot oil, aloe and hydrolyzed wheat protein, this is the ultimate in hydration, scalp cleansing and split end prevention. Though it says it is for normal hair, ingredients like this would benefit ALL types of hair. This mask is made with at least 70% organic ingredients and is 40% rose water (first ingredient ya'll!) and, according to the John Master's Website, made with 8700 rose petals for this 148mL tube! This is a more expensive mask at $40 for this size, but from there is a 30mL option for $19 which I think is a great size too. Like most masks I enjoy, this mask is applied on wet hair from root to tip for 3-5 minutes, so PERFECT for in-shower application. The formula isn't heavy and my hair feels very smooth after use.

IGK Antisocial Overnight Bond-Building Dry Hair Mask*

When IGK sent this to me, I was utterly fascinated with its potential. What makes this mask special is the fact that it works overnight as a "time-release" dry treatment and is a SPRAY! It contains a hair bond building complex and vegan silk extract that is supposed to cocoon the hair shaft and repair and soften hair without the mess of a regular wet/wash out mask. The scent is also one that is meant to relax and encourage a natural sleep cycle. I did notice a bit of a heady scent before reading the product description that reminded me a little of ylang ylang. I am sad because I feel like I should have been more impressed by this mask than I was. For the price of $45, I didn't notice much of a  difference in my hair the next morning and certainly not over time. Perhaps a slight bit of extra slip, but nothing more noticeable than using a wet hair mask the night before. Maybe my hair is too damaged, but you would think that that would be the ideal hair type for this to work on! IGK has a lot of great products, but this is one that for me only looks good on paper.

Garnier Fructis Strengthening Treat with Banana Extract*

When it comes to affordability, accessibility and efficiency, my favourites have been the Garnier Fructis ones (previous review). Made with 98% naturally-derived ingredients, there are five different masks each with their own scent and specific purpose, but generally I find them all to be both hydrating and smoothing. These are an awesome in-shower option only taking a whopping ONE MINUTE to work! Though I have received a few of these masks from PR, I always grab one or two whenever they go on sale for 2.99 because why the hell not?

Orofluido Mask*

When it comes to colour-treated hair specific masks, I never have to worry that Orofluido will do me wrong! This brand is harder to find as it is a salon brand, but not only does this mask hydrate and make my hair feel smooth and tangle-free, but it also acts as a thermal protectant and colour retainer so I can blow dry my hair right after my shower without needing to use a thermal spray or cream. This is also a great mask for in-shower use as it only needs to be in the hair for 3-5 minutes before needing to be rinsed out. The only caveat I have to mention about all Orofluido products is that they are highly fragranced.

OLAPLEX No.3 Hair Perfector

Sigh, this stuff is pretty amazing. It's expensive, but you only need to use it once a week and is really targeted for those with colour-treated hair as it relinks disulfide bonds in the hair. These are covalent bonds in all hair that are what give each strand its natural "shape". They can only be broken with salon treatments like perming, relaxation and bleaching. When you go as dramatic of a colour change as I have over the years, you need a pretty intensive hair mask and this was something I picked up at Beautymark (before they closed). This is a repairing treatment that helps with breakage and compromised and sensitive hair. This is to be used as a means of maintenance between chemical services so that we can build up our hair strength only to put through hell again in 6 months or less! I had the salon OLAPLEX treatment done before which was really nice and this at-home version is quite good too.

The things that make this mask tough for me to use are: the packaging and the length of time it has to be left on the hair. I would have preferred a pot or a tube as squeezing this product out of the bottle is annoying as there isn't a lot of give to the bottle. This treatment also works best on UNWASHED towel-dried hair and must be left on for a minimum of 10 minutes. Neither of these requirements are shower-friendly which means that you have to wet your hair (I use a spray bottle) in sections and then work the treatment in. Then you put all of your hair up and cover with a shower cap. This mask is just more work than the others, but if you put in the time, your hair will feel fantastic.

Hopefully everyone is just as healthy as my hair has been with these masks and let me know of any others that have worked for you! I want to try them ALL!

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