NAILS | OPI "Don't Tell a Sol" #MidWeekMani

I'm going to use these midweek manis to chat as that is something I truly miss now that I am back at work. It is evident that I no longer have as much time for introspection and being as "in touch with my feelings" as before, but I think that might be a good thing. Someone at work noted that I seemed happier and was laughing and joking more. The team we have now is small and we have all spent each and every day together working the same exact shifts for the past 2 months. We get along, no one fights or talks shit about another person and everyone knows their role to keep this machine going. It has been quite incredible to witness and be a part of because I never thought I could feel at peace in an environment I had come to accept, over the past 5 years, as stressful. I'm sure things will change again, but so far so good and I will enjoy it!   

OPI Don't Tell a Sol Swatch
 Polish provided by PR

To touch briefly on yellow polish, I don't often wear it unless it's in the form of nail art and it is often streaky (at least the ones I have tried). It reminds me a lot of a white polish formula where you often need a third coat to even things out which was also the case with OPI "Don't Tell a Sol" (from OPI Mexico City), but looked bright and sunny once it was all top coated. I will try to whip this shade out again this summer for more art as it really is such a bright and happy yellow (God, I sound like Bob Ross, but I like him so that's ok) and would love to do more with it.

It has been a long week for me as it will be a 6-day work week thanks to some Zoom training for work I had to attend. It was 5 hours long, for 3 days straight and there was the dreaded role-playing. I think most people hate it and I was so nervous having to do it in front of complete strangers online that I had a mental blank and basically said to everyone "Help, I need an adult". At least people were nice enough and perhaps my sense of humor about it helped, but I keep replaying the scenarios like back in high school when you embarrass yourself in front of a cute guy. I am hoping that by the time my weekend hits on Sunday that I will have forgotten about what happened at the training. I think I will just have to find an activity (or a Caesar) to dull the embarrassment.

OPI Don't Tell a Sol Swatch

My week has felt a bit strange, so I hope yours has been better. I hope everyone is staying safe, wearing a mask AND social distancing! It's not one or the other! Ideally you should always be social distancing and people are getting complacent now that the weather is nice. Stay vigilant and who cares what people think about you wearing a mask!  

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