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You guys know how much I love my dry sheet masks and though I know they aren't for everyone, I have found them to be a mess-free way to save some time and hydrate my skin especially on those lazy nights (which are slowly feeling like EVERY night). I pretty much compare every dry sheet mask that comes out to the one from Charlotte Tilbury because it's the easiest and most accessible to find for most of us whether it's online or in person at Sephora, Nordstrom or Holt Renfrew. Even though the dry sheet mask technology was developed and first used by Nanette de Gaspe, CT was the first to make a dry sheet mask that wasn't over $100 and now that there are enough dry sheet masks out there at just under $30, the NDG pricing just seems ridiculous! The Trish McEvoy Dry Sheet Mask has similar claims like CT in that it promises luminous, hydrated skin without the mess in just 15 minutes, but there are some very slight differences that I will get into below!

Trish McEvoy Hydrate and Glow Dry Sheet Mask
 Purchased by me

In terms of ingredients, the Trish McEvoy list is pretty similar to CT's as both have a shea butter base which so far has shown itself to be the best medium for a dry sheet mask as it is solid at room temperature and liquifies on contact with skin allowing the infused plant-based ingredients to get to the skin. The CT mask has more vegetable oil in its formulation which may explain why I found it more hydrating than this one, but it looks like Trish has a reason for this! This mask is apparently encouraged for use during the DAY and OVER TOP of makeup as a quick glowy, pick me up! I will be honest that I thought this was sacrilegious and I did not use the mask this way as I think it is far more comfortable to get glow using a facial mist and with how fitted this mask is, I am positive there will be makeup transfer TO the mask which means that I can no longer use it on clean skin. Suffice it to say, I did not try it on top of a face full of makeup, but I have no doubt that your skin will look glowy afterwards if you do!

Trish McEvoy Hydrate and Glow Dry Sheet Mask

The sheet mask comes neatly folded with the peach-coloured shea butter side facing inward and Trish's signature imprinted on the neck portion. When it comes to a dry sheet mask, I've learned that the secondary set of ear loops with the chin portion are absolutely necessary for a good fit and also gives the jowls a bit of a lift!

Trish McEvoy Hydrate and Glow Dry Sheet Mask

If you like using a jade or rose quartz roller with a sheet mask, I love using one with a dry sheet mask because I don't have to wipe the essence off.

Trish McEvoy Hydrate and Glow Dry Sheet Mask

I was hunting for a more recent photo I had taken of this mask, but you will all have to contend with one with my old dark hair which I kind of miss now!

Trish McEvoy Hydrate and Glow Dry Sheet Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: $102/4 pack
Skin concerns: Dryness
Scent: Shea buttery
Essence Type: Oil shea butter base
Duration: 15 min
Thickness: Similar to Charlotte Tilbury and other dry sheet masks I have tried 
Mask Fit: Good, because there is a chin portion to pull over the ears as well. Material was also very stretchy.
Tackiness: None
Hydration: I have tried this mask now in winter and in warmer more humid weather and I have found that in the winter, the hydration is adequate, but I could use a face oil or a moisturizer on top. I did not need anything further with the Charlotte Tilbury mask. In warmer weather, the hydration factor is adequate.
Other notes: Can be used up to 5x not just the 3x like they recommend, but by the 5th time, you might need to top up with some moisturizer.

Trish McEvoy Hydrate and Glow Dry Sheet Mask

Final verdict: Compared to the Charlotte Tilbury masks, I don't like these quite as much mainly because my skin is on the drier side for most of the year and the CT masks suit my skin better. These masks are also a bit more expensive, but if you have more normal-combination skin the Trish McEvoy masks might be more your style, but I'm going to pass on repurchasing these now that I am done the box.

You can find the Trish McEvoy Hydrate and Glow Dry Sheet Mask at Nordstrom.

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