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I tried hard not to be absent from this space the whole week, but doing Inventory at work this week with half the staff we normally have thanks to COVID restrictions has wiped me out completely. I honestly can't believe it's already Saturday as the last couple of days have been a haze of running around and then coming home and feeling like a zombie until falling asleep. Now that my weekend is here, I look forward to sleeping in and my pedicure on Monday! 

Purchased by me

Continuing on with my goal this year of supporting small and local businesses, I made a Henne Organics purchase from Vancouver-based business Kalosophie back in August as I had been quite curious about the brand's Swedish-inspired (Henne means "her" in Swedish) , minimalist approach to lip care. I have always loved the solid glass packaging and after seeing an IGTV of the founder, Laura Xiao, demoing the products and seeing how good her lips looked afterwards!

Step 1: Lavender Mint Lip Exfoliator

I probably have way too many lip scrubs and I really didn't need to buy another one especially at the hefty price of $31, but lavender and mint are two of my favourite scents so having them together was a 
combination I could not resist! This scrub has a coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter and jojoba oil base with organic sugar crystals to exfoliate so your lips will feel quite hydrated afterwards. The sugar crystals are fairly large so you only need a teeny tiny amount to get things going! 

Step 2: Lip Serum

Now, THIS was really the product that caught my eye about two years ago! This serum features the omega-rich arctic cloudberry seed oil along with a powerhouse of other oils like lingonberry seed oil and rosehip, camellia, argan, jojoba, pomegranate and apricot oils. Even better? You get to apply this lightweight and nourishing serum with a cooling 24K plated ball that feels like a little lip massage. Though this is somewhat hydrating, this is intended as a serum so feel free to layer on lip balm after application. This is also a lovely product to use as part of your lip prep for matte lipsticks! After I wash my face in the mornings, I apply this right away to give it time to sink in and fill in fine lines.  

Step 3: Luxury Lip Tint

There are 4 shades of this lip tint all of which are meant to be MLBB shades whether they be on the nude or more pink side, all of the shades are intended to brighten up the face and make sure lips look and feel soft. I wanted a more nude lip so the shade "Bare" was perfect for me and it also layerable if I want more colour. The lip balm formulation contains beeswax and coconut, castor seed, jojoba and avocado oil making it apply smoothly and leaving my lips moisturized.

I will probably grab another flavour of the Lip Exfoliator and Luxury Lip Tint later on at some point just to make things a bit more exciting, but the Lip Serum is now a staple in my lip routine as I find it very nourishing and luxurious to use especially because I'm putting my lips through a lot with wearing matte liquid lipstick every day!

Have you tried Henne Organics? Do you take extra special care of your lips? You can find Henne Organics at Kalosophie!

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