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It's the last day of my 3-day weekend and it has been pretty glorious to have this time to myself. I managed to get a whackload of chores done yesterday like the dreaded handwashing of ultra delicates, make Japanese curry and then muffins for breakfast last night. I also finally got the chance to go to the library, the bank and UPS to pick up some packages. I even squeezed in a makeup look for a future post which trust me, I was close to not doing at all and just taking a nap instead, but I knew I wouldn't have the time later this week. I feel like while I am good at multi-tasking, it can only be in a specific area so if I'm off, I focus on either house or blog things. If I'm at work, I focus solely on clients, staff, sales and whatever else needs to be done there and leave the house and blog things to a minimum as I have realized that I'm not as efficient at the latter if I'm on a work day stretch. My creativity is much lower, blog posts get really hard to write, pictures seem more difficult to take and writing captions on Instagram feels like pulling teeth!  

Raincry Advanced Hair Mists
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I have mentioned that I am not very good at talking about fragrances, but I do love a good hair product and when I first discovered hair mists, it was through the more well known fragrance houses like Dior and Mugler. I reviewed the Alien Mugler Hair Mist a couple of years ago as I have always enjoyed the Alien scent, but then my boss and deskmate revealed to me last year that he couldn't stand any scent from Mugler because he found it too sweet so I never wore a hair mist again! 

Last summer, Raincry launched a collection of hair mists that not only scented your hair, but also infused the hair shaft with amino acids and hydration. You may remember from my last review for Raincry that this is a Canadian company who believed in the importance of pH balanced haircare for healthy scalps and locks so you can be sure that these hair mists aren't going to mess with your scalp or hair colour! I thought the scents were going to be heavily fragranced, but they are so light and elegant that I can't even choose a favourite because they are all so delicious in scent!

Raincry Advanced Hair Mists

These hair mists feature four of Raincry's signature fragrances: Fleur du Serenity, Powdered Pomelo, Rose Dew Provence and Amber & Oud and all are scents I would use in EVERYTHING from body to hair!


Raincry Advanced Hair Mists

Blanc features the fragrance Fleur du Serenity which contains a soft floral top note, heart notes of Lily of the Valley, apple blossom, heliotrope and jasmine and finally base notes of morning dew and rose. This is probably the scent I find the "strongest" out of the group because it smells the most floral and is my "fancy" hair mist. 

Raincry Advanced Hair Mists

Noir features the fragrance Powdered Pomelo with top notes of fresh citrus powder, heart notes of powder tangerine, orange, mint and rose and base notes of creamy caramel. This smells good enough to eat, but isn't overly sweet. It's so subtle that all you get once you sniff your hair is a whiff of baked cookies and that's it. The caramel makes this hair mist delectable while the citrus notes add a bit of a zing. I have never smelled a scent like this and it is HEAVENLY!


Raincry Advanced Hair Mists

Vert features the fragrance Rose Dew Provence with top notes of watery fresh petals, heart notes of country rose, jasmine, morning dew and Lily of the Valley and base notes of powder and amber. This is what I think of as the "laundry" scent because of the jasmine and powder base note. It doesn't make me think of food, but it's a scent that reminds of the something I would find in the CLEAN fragrance line. It is both warm and refreshing and I find that I reach for this just as often as I do the more "yummy" scents.


Raincry Advanced Hair Mists

Brun features the fragrance Amber & Oud with exotic and sensual top notes, heart notes of amber, oud, ylang ylang and vanilla and base notes of sandalwood and violet. You can probably guess from the amber and oud that this is a heady scent, but again not as strong as you would think as this isn't an EDP. This makes me think very much of Fall/Winter so is a scent I will probably retire for warmer months.

Raincry Advanced Hair Mists

Final verdict: I wish the scent would last all day, but it is nothing more than a whisper at the end of 8 hours. I also like that my hair gets a little perk up of hydration as there are plant oils in the formulation. All in all, hair mists are not what I would say a necessary thing, but now that getting ready for work doesn't involve much makeup anymore, hair is the only thing other than my eyes that is showing so I take full pleasure in being bougie with it!

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