SHEET MASK | Merbliss Wedding Dress Ruby Ultra Vitalizing Micro Fiber Mask

I had high hopes for having more posts of Asian brands for Lunar February, but the last two weeks at work have been kicking my ass and I ended up opting for sleep in place of blog posts which I've realized is ALWAYS a good idea. I had voiced on my Instagram yesterday my frustrations with working in retail as people often feel they can say whatever they want to complete strangers without considering the fact that they are real people or my favourite from yesterday was when a woman thought she could lie her way into receiving a discount and eventually got caught for "embellishing" a few things. She ended up leaving and then coming back and buying at full price so ha. Anyway, despite all that has been keeping me busy, I have continued on with my sheet masking and I *think* I'm going to do something crazy that I have wanted to for awhile and that is to attempt to sheet mask for 365 DAYS straight! We shall see what happens!

flatlay of merbliss wedding dress ruby sheet mask
Purchased by me

The brand Merbliss is a fairly popular one when it comes to sheet masking, but is one of those brands that you only discover once you have started "deep diving" as they can be hard to find. I have found most of my Merbliss sheet masks at smaller Korean beauty stores or at T&T. All of their sheet masks have a wedding dress on the packaging and are called "Wedding Dress something" to symbolize the "bright and luminous skin of a bride on her wedding day". Even with the translation, this sounds a bit traditional and to base an entire line of sheet masks around it seems a bit much, but I get what the brand is trying to convey in terms of end results.

picture of ingredients list of merbliss wedding dress ruby sheet mask

The essence contains a Vitamin Complex and something called "Seed V Complex" which is composed of black bean, mung bean, kidney bean and adzuki bean extract. There is also actual ruby powder in here which is supposed to boost moisture levels of the skin. Whether this is true or not, I'm not sure as there wasn't a whole lot of research on ruby powder in skincare.

mask selfie of merbliss wedding dress ruby sheet mask

The mask sheet itself is made of flexible microfibre which I have experienced a few times with masks like the Jayjun Cosmetic Purple Fragrance Mask. These fabric fits very well and tends to be used with cream essences like this one. The essence was very "stringy" to the point where when I was smoothing the wrinkles out of the sheet mask, strings of essence would get caught in my eyelashes! 

close up mask selfie of merbliss wedding dress ruby sheet mask

Mask Summary:

Varies, but I usually see it for around $4-$6 CDN
Skin concerns: Dullness, dryness
Scent: Jasmine
Essence Type: Creamy, white and almost stringy. Strands would get stuck on my eyelashes as I was smoothing the mask out which was really weird! 
Duration: 20 minutes
Thickness: Microfibre mask so fairly thin. 
Mask Fit: Very good as microfibre stretches to fit contours of the face well.
Tackiness: Very light
Hydration: Medium 
Other notes: N/A

flatlay of merbliss wedding dress ruby sheet mask

Final verdict: This mask was a good mask, but the weird stringiness of the essence was a little off-putting. It reminded me a lot of natto if that is something some of you are familiar with. Scent was great and I wouldn't say no to purchasing this mask again, but it wouldn't be at the top of my list. This hasn't turned me off other Merbliss masks though so I would be interested to see what the other Wedding Dress masks are like!

You can find the Merbliss Wedding Dress Ruby Ultra Vitalizing Micro Fiber Mask at various Korean retailers.

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