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Last month I posted in this space 17x which is actually the most that I have blogged since last September when I was on vacation! While I know blogging is seen as a bit old school now compared to the micro-blogging world of Instagram, I was just having a conversation with my husband where as this will always be a space I enjoy coming to. Moreso than Instagram or other social media because I feel like I have contributed something concrete that can be referenced and Googled. There have been times where I KNOW I have done a mini review on Instagram of a product, but I can't quite remember when I did it and having to scroll through my feed for what feels like an eternity is one of my biggest pet peeves! Having said all that, makeup used to excite me and be a big part of my life and as our world slowly inches back to some level of "masklessness", I can feel my excitement for makeup growing although a few colleagues of mine, whom I work with daily, refuse to get vaccinated because they think the vaccine is harmful so it's very possible that in my work place, I will have to stay masked. For now, I will play with pretty lipsticks and do full makeup looks only on days off!

Mary Kay Lip Kits Flatlay
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In honour of International Women's Day, Mary Kay released two limited edition lip kits in Nude and Pink which are sold out now, but the shades themselves or from what I can ones that are quite close, are available as part of Mary Kay's regular lipstick collection. My bad for not getting to this sooner!  

Mary Kay Lip Kits Flatlay

Each kit comes with a creamy and shiny finish lipstick and its matching lipliner all in cute lip silhouette packaging. The shades themselves are fairly universal for most skin tones although the Nude kit ended up looking more purple on me than I had expected. The formulas were really lovely, tons of colour payoff and smooth to apply. The lipsticks lasted as long as you would expect a cream lipstick to last, but having a lipliner on underneath definitely helps lock in that residual colour.

Mary Kay Lipstick Nude

Mary Kay Lipstick Pink

Mary Kay Lipstick Swatches

Mary Kay Lipstick Nude Makeup Look

Mary Kay Lipstick Pink Makeup Look

Mary Kay Lip Kits Flatlay

Are you more of a pink or nude person? I would wear bright pinks more often if I knew with absolute certainty that they weren't going to budge and I do have a few liquid lipsticks of this calibre which I enjoy thoroughly!

You can find all Mary Kay products through your local Mary Kay representative or on

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