NAILS | Rainbow Blobs #CBBxManiMonday

For whatever reason, I had my nails done early Sunday night, but just felt like I didn't have anything I wanted to say about them other than "I blobbed". It was a hot night and I was pretty much ready to go to bed after these bad boys dried because they took FOREVER to do so! Well, we are now officially in summer and 2021 definitely looks more promising than 2020 in terms of travel and seeing people. I think I am one of those people who is incredibly anxious about socializing again as I have loved embracing my true introvertedness. Social outings while fun once I'm at them, are often sources of great mental stress for me which is why I often hate going to multiple events in one day or even just having multiple "relaxing" appointments in one day. You will never catch me doing a pedicure AND massage in one day and those are supposed to be chill activities! I always split things up and even when I think about press events, the past year has taught me that I can live without them. I understand their importance, but I have loved languishing in me time this last year and going at my own pace when it comes to blogging and my personal life. 

Rainbow Blob Nail Art
PR samples

I hadn't done a blobbicure in awhile and in retrospect, doing this on a hot night wasn't the best because it involves thick blobs of polish that are thicker than normal layers of polish. Even with top coat and dry drops, this manicure wasn't even dry after an hour, but I had to go to bed so I slept with my "claws out" on my comforter and hoped for the best. Other than some sheet marks, they looked ok!

Rainbow Blob Nail Art

On My Nails:

(Base Coat) OPI Sensitive Nail Envy*

(Base) Sally Hansen Insta-Dri White

(Blobs) SHID Wild Strawberry*, SHID Sunset Orange*, SHID Dandelion*, SHID Granny Smith Apple*, SHID Cerulean* SHID Denim*, SHID Carnation Pink*, SHID Vivid Violet*

(Top Coat) CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat* 

Rainbow Blob Nail Art

I hope everyone had a good Monday and for this week I will be directing you to Trysh's blog for some great resources for the LGBTQ+ community as well as resources for friends and family wanting to know how to support LGBTQ+ individuals. Be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blogs for their Allyship Manicures this week!

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