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My week has been so massively screwed up because I usually don't work on Sundays which sort of gives me time to prep #SheetMaskSunday and #ManiMonday posts, but because it is the holidays, I worked yesterday and came home utterly brain dead so the thought of sitting at a computer and typing vs. chilling on the couch with a Netflix Christmas movie (I think I have watched 5 in row!) seemed like an easy choice!

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Earlier this year, I picked up two Sephora Collection masks that I must have missed over the 2020 holiday season and though I was sad to see they didn't come back this year they did turned out to be fun masks to use! Generally, the Sephora Collection masks have been pretty good with the exception of one or two that I would never touch again with a 10 foot pole! 

The Blue Mask

The first mask I picked up was the Blue Mask which was a blue foil mask that toned, refreshed and energized the skin. It also makes for a pretty awesome selfie if you keep scrolling!

In terms of ingredients, there are some interesting ones like sake and sapphire powder which both serve to brighten and refresh the skin. While some might not like this, I like masks with menthol in them because I like a light tingle to my skin which this mask does have adding to the "refreshing" feeling. Sensitive skin types - I understand why this sensation would be a bit scary for you!  

I have worn many foil masks before and this was my first time wearing a blue one! Usually foil masks can feel a bit hot and "insulating", but because of the menthol in the essence I didn't actually feel that warm in this one.

Mask Summary:

Price: $7 CDN

Skin concerns: Needs a pick up, toning, refreshing

Scent: Minty

Essence Type: Clear, slightly viscous

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Standard thickness for foil

Mask Fit: Not bad, but I think it would have fit better if there was more essence and a couple of slits around the edge of the face.

Tackiness: Zero

Hydration: When I used this mask, the air was so dry so I doused my face with Phytosurgence Verdant Forcefield 

Other notes: Upon removal, my face felt very cold because of the menthol 

The Holographic Mask

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect with this one as I didn't know what a holographic hydrogel mask would look like, but this was another mask that promised to feel refreshing, but hopefully more hydrating than the Blue Mask.

In terms of ingredients, there wasn't anything too interesting other than quartz powder, lactic acid and sodium hyaluronate, but all were at the very bottom of the ingredients list so what sort of effect they had on the skin I really don't know, but again the selfie for this was worth it! While I wouldn't call this mask "holographic", the iridescent shimmer was pretty cool to look at and the fit of the mask was fairly good.

Mask Summary:

$7 CDN

Skin concerns: Needs a pick up, toning, refreshing

Scent: Candy peaches

Essence Type: Clear, slightly viscous

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: On the thinner side of hydrogel, but it worked as it fit the facial contours better!

Mask Fit: Pretty good for hydrogel! No chin goatee or lifting.

Tackiness: None

Hydration: Better than the Blue Mask, but still needed a bit of facial oil for some hydration.

Other notes: Tingly mask because of menthol.

Final verdict: I should have used these masks during our crazy heatwave in the summer because they would have felt so refreshing on the skin! While they weren't the most hydrating on their own, I don't really mind adding moisturizer or facial oil after using a sheet mask. If anything, I enjoy it more since I feel a bit more complete in my skincare routine. Not using an actual cream moisturizer feels almost a bit rebellious! Hopefully I see these masks or at least something similar through the Sephora Collection again!

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