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I have always been a rather enthusiastic exfoliator and routinely go through body scrubs every 1-2 months. I have often wondered why there weren't any chemical exfoliating options for the body when there are so many for the face. I don't think it was until the last year or so that I started seeing more body-focused lotions and peels and when Pixi Beauty came out with this trio of glycolic body goodies this past summer, I couldn't help but shout "Hallelujah!" because THIS is exactly what I have been wanting in my shower routine! 

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This trio of body products work best when used together, but they are quite nice on their own as well so don't feel like you won't be benefit if you only use one or two of the products. There is also a travel kit with deluxe sizes of all three if you aren't quite ready to take the plunge on the full sizes! My main goal with exfoliating is getting rid/reducing my "strawberry legs". I never noticed I had them until in recent years when I slowly lost my natural tan (I have zero patience to self-tan). I never really exfoliated my actual legs, just the backs of my arms, bum, knees and elbows so I was hoping that using these three products would help.

Glycolic Body Wash*

The first step is to cleanse, lightly exfoliate and soothe the skin with a blend of glycolic acid, aloe vera and ginseng. I should note that the glycolic acid in each of these three products is found in the top half of the ingredients list so there is a decent concentration here! I dollop a bit of this onto a bath puff and focused on my legs. This was probably the easiest product to  incorporate into my shower routine as I generally use a body wash AND it smelled quite nice! 

Glycolic Body Peel*

The body peel is probably the most fascinating product because I am much more familiar with the peel concept when it comes to the face so I was very curious to see how Pixi would translate this concept to the body. What I REALLY like about this product is that there is both glycolic AND lactic acid in it in addition to aloe vera and ginseng!

It's still fairly gentle so it doesn't tingle too much and is a burnt orange coloured cream that is just massaged into the skin and then rinsed off. I feel like this kind of treatment would be more effective if left on the skin, so I tend to do a few other things while this is on so that it gets at least a minute or two on my skin. 

Glycolic Body Lotion*

The body lotion was the hardest for me to phase into my routine because I tend to mix up how I moisturize my body whether it's an in-shower lotion, spray or actual body lotion. This particular body lotion had a nice scent, like the body wash and was lightweight enough to not feel heavy and sticky, but quite moisturizing. I really should use this more often as it is quite a pleasant lotion! On its own, I'm not sure how well it did at exfoliating, but it's nice to know that this moisturizer has some bonus benefits.

Final verdict: As a trio of new products, I think anyone would really enjoy these with my favourite being the Glycolic Body Peel mainly because of the glycolic and lactic acid combination. While I love the idea of a Glycolic Body Wash, I'm just not sure how effective it is when it only stays on the body for at most a minute. While I was fortunate to receive full sizes of all three products, I would either buy the body peel or the travel sized trio first before committing to full sizes of everything.

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